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The Hollies - Every album, every track

The Hollies – Every album, every track

Every music fan who knows anything about music in the 1960s knows The Hollies. They had a glorious run of classic hit singles during...
Bob Dylan in the 1980s

Bob Dylan In the 1980’s – Every Album, Every Track

In the 1980s Bob Dylan released ten albums, of which seven were studio recordings, two were ‘live’ albums and the other being 1985’s Biograph,...
YES - Every Album, Every Track

YES – Every Album, Every Song in the 80’s

The eighties was the decade in which the wheels came off the wagon for Yes. After a glorious decade in the seventies, they’d approached...
Steve Hackett every album, every song

Steve Hackett – Every album, every track

For Steve Hackett’s prodigious output of solo releases since 1975’s Voyage Of The Acolyte, twenty-seven and counting, excluding ‘live’ albums and collaborations - we...
CARAVAN - Every Album, Every Track

Caravan – Every Album, Every Track

Caravan along with The Soft Machine, are now the ‘last men standing’ from the fabled ‘Canterbury Scene' of the late 60’s-mid 70’s, still recording...
CURVED AIR - Every album, every track

Curved Air – Every Album, Every Track

Curved Air began life in 1970 when the band Sisyphus joined up with a vocalist who’d been playing the role of Crissy and singing...
GONG - On Track

GONG – On Track: Every Song, Every Album

                        Not too many bands can ever claim to have come from their own planet, or to create their own universe, but so successful...
Alice Cooper

Decades: Alice Cooper in the 70s

As part of the Sonic Bond Publishing series Decades, they have just released Alice Cooper in the 70s. It follows a similar format to...
Uriah Heep... In The 70s

Decades: Uriah Heep in the 70s

As a fan of Uriah Heep since Look At Yourself in 1971, I inevitably wondered if a book charting the first decade of the...
Level 42 - The Chinese Way TOTP 1983

MATT PHILLIPS Answers the Ultimate Question about Dance Rock: Level 42

This is a book of groove and virtuosity... gloriously abundant & dignified —