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Raised on Motown and Rock, now with a deep love for all things metal and heavy rock. Veteran gig goer, favorite bands include Slayer, Mastodon, Dopelord & Power Trip among many others. Explorer of subgenres, collector of whiskey.

Calamity deliver well rounded return with ‘Kairos’

Originally formed as a Metallica cover band, Peurto Rico’s Calamity is far more than you may think at first, having evolved into a totally new beast over the course of their first two original full-length albums. Kairos is the second of these albums and comes out of the gate like a starved wolverine. Dealing out tight thrash riffs at warp speed ...

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Indian Nightmare land a heavy hitter with ‘By Ancient Force’

According to Indian Nightmare themselves, the follow up to 2016’s Taking Back the Land is just the beginning of their story. Self-styled, Tribal Metal Punks, they are possibly the most diverse band I’ve come across when it comes to international talent. Based out of  Germany but comprised of members from Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, and Mexico, Indian Nightmare let their collective cultures flow through ...

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Extrema go back to business as usual with ‘Headbanging Forever’

Extrema are one of those bands that fall into an unfortunate grey area in modern metal. Whilst in no way are they a bad band they are just often dwarfed by the mainstream heavyweights within the space they operate: in this case -the lighter end of thrash with touches of groove metal thrown in. Bands like Testament and Annihilator make ...

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Beastwars make a triuphant return with ‘IV’

There are some albums out there that you can just feel are special, albums that have a deeper meaning rather than artist expression and album number four from New Zealand’s Beastwars simply titled IV is one of those. Recording began within two weeks of vocalist Matt Hyde completing chemotherapy treatment – the band knowing they wanted to record something a ...

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Bastardizer Serve Up Some Furious Blackened Thrash For All

Austalia’s Bastardizer continues the trend of interesting bands coming out of Australia’s homegrown metal scene, serving up good old fashioned death metal mixed with some clear thrash elements that could possibly be seen as “blackened thrash” if you’re that into your sub-genres. At first listen you could be forgiven for thinking the four-piece hail from the frozen North, not the ...

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Age of the Wolf

Age of The Wolf turn up the fuzz on ‘Ouroboric Trances’

Costa Rica’s Age of the Wolf look set to unleash a barrage of their patented fuzz coated, stoner doom that crashes head first into sludge with their new release, Ouroboric Trances, set for release May 17th through Aural Music. Ouroboric Trances is the bands first full-length release and follows their self titled EP which was nominated for Best Hard Rock Release ...

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Cities of Mars

Take A Trip With Cities Of Mars And Visit The Horologist

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, self-professed fuzzed-out sci-fi, doom trio, Cities of Mars hit the scene around 2015, ready to fully lean into the conceptual space of stoner doom. With their two debut singles launching their tale of a Soviet agent landing on Mars covertly in 1971 and discovering a buried civilization. The following Celestial Mistress EP continued to flesh out the interplanetary ...

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Crown of Autumn

Crown of Autumn return with Byzantine Horizons

Italy’s Crown of Autumn have been on the scene since 1996 and have been fine-tuning their sound ever since. Despite their lengthy existence, the band has only three full-length albums to their name with a fourteen-year gap between their debut and second outing. With this in mind, it’s clear that Crown of Autumn release music in a very deliberate fashion. ...

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Almost Honest

Almost Honest – Welcome to the Viking Groove Machine

It was hard to know exactly what I was in for heading into the first listen of Almost Honest’s Seiches and Sirens, a full-length album from a band dubbed a “Viking groove machine”, hailing from Pennsylvania, but such as it was I was still surprised by what this record had in store. While the album starts off with the furious ...

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Fresh Grass

Grass prove they are anything but trash with Fresh material

Despite conjuring the sound of a band who has crossed a sun-baked desert in a clapped out old touring van, you may be surprised to learn Grass actually hail from the concrete and steel landscape of Brooklyn NY. Fresh Grass opens up with this sun-kissed, 70’s, blues-infused stoner style the band have carefully stitched together, the infectious chorus of ‘My ...

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