Jared James Nichols photo by Adam Kennedy.

Jared James Nichols Talks…Black Magic!

Wisconsin-born guitarist Jared James Nichols has been flying into the UK with increasing regularity these ...

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Anvil by Jessy Lotti

Lips talks about Anvil: “Making a living doing what I love with the band… this is all I ever wanted”

Forty years later, after all the sweat, the accomplishments, the tears, the bad and the ...

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The Faceless

Michael Keene of The Faceless “My goal was to make a metal record that someone who doesn’t listen to Metal might like!”

Few bands can boast the incredible talent that The Faceless have. Having released multiple classic ...

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Pop Evil

POP EVIL “We mustn’t turn a blind eye to issues out in the world…”

Apparently, when Michigan native Leigh Kakaty formed POP EVIL in 2001, he chose the name ...

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