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Heavy Traffic

Brooklyn fuzzy-psych outfit Heavy Traffic bring us their sixth album on Twin Earth Records, Plastic Surgery.

‘Rule Of Nines’, the seven-minute-strong opener, unifies heavy, doomy riffs and psychedelic vocals soaring overhead. It’s an insight into what to expect from the album: pure fuzz with densely reverbed vocals. The second track, ‘See Right Through’, is even better.It’ss heavy groove-laden pulse, echoing vocals and wailing guitars evoke thoughts of flying through the cosmos with Fuzz on your walkman. Solid ...

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Contra - Deny Everything

Review: Contra – Deny Everything

Ohio-spawned Contra are a sludge-drenched doom four-piece who pack a groove-fuelled punch and, with the release of their new album, have proven they are hefty contenders within their field not to be messed with. Contra originally started life as a three-piece instrumental outfit comprising of guitarist Chris Chiera (Sofa King Killer), drummer Aaron Brittain (Rue), and Adam Horwatt (So Long Albatross) on a 4-string baritone guitar ...

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