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Stratospheerius cover Muse

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius have released what’s been described as a “Queen-esque” cover of the Muse hit ‘Hysteria’ that’s available now as a single on the Melodic Revolution Record label. The progressive rock band, headed by electric violinist & vocalist Deninzon had been playing the song as part of their live set for some time, but when it came to ...

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Styx Play Palladium – Only 2019 UK Date

Legendary American band Styx announced that in 2019 they will be playing a one night only exclusive UK show at the London Palladium on 4th June. The band has not performed in England since their co-headlining tour with Journey and Foreigner in 2011 and are said to be “excited” about it, according to singer/guitarist Tommy Shaw. “Considering that the rock ...

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Sari Schorr

Sari Schorr plays 100 Club

New York singer Sari Schorr will be playing London’s 100 Club as part of its London Blues Week on Friday 18thJanuary next year. Part of Blues Week’s special Ladies Sing the Blues event, Schorr will close the show that will also feature Sharrie Williams “The Princess of Rockin’ Gospel Blues”. Following her 2016 release A Force of Nature, produced by the legendary Mike Vernon, Schorr brought out ...

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DiAmorte – The Red Opera

DiAmorte are looking to redefine the genre of symphonic metal with the release of The Red Opera on Dark Star Records. The music is unapologetically theatrical, cinematic, and grandiose, painting its stories not only through the lyrics but the music as well – A record that harkens back to the rock operas of old. Taking over four years to complete, ...

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Palace Of The King Release New Single

2018 has been non-stop for Palace Of The King, following the release of their album Get Right With Your Maker they’ve had a heavy touring schedule, trekking across Europe before heading home to Australia to share stages with Baby Animals, the legendary Rose Tattoo, and gigs with The Screaming Jets that will take them into the New Year. As if ...

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FM, The Quireboys, Bad Touch & Vega

FM, The Quireboys, Bad Touch & Vega… Together on Tour

FM and The Quireboys have announced a co-headline UK tour for April 2019, with special guest slots being filled by Bad Touch and Vega. In what promises to be seven nights of solid and varied rock music from a collection of established and up and coming acts, the tour looks to be value for money and an excellent night out. ...

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Collateral – 4 Shots

Visually I’m looking at pictures of a bunch of tattoo-infested, unkemptly long-haired, leather and tight-trousered sleaze rockers, the PR bumpf throws out names like Bon Jovi and Aerosmith as reference points but the CD that’s currently on replay tells me I’m being told porkies! Frankly, this band has more in common with The Eagles, but a more credible and contemporary ...

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Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett – Under The Eye of The Sun

‘Under The Eye of The Sun’ is new video release from progmeister Steve Hackett, ahead of his 26th solo album At The Edge Of Light  that will itself be released on 25th January 2019 through Inside Out Music. Describing At The Edge Of Light Hackett remarked how: “The contrast between dark and light weaves its way throughout the album in many ...

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Suidakra’s Ode To Arma

Germanic Celtic metal band Suidakra recently released their latest album Cimbric Yarns on the AFM Records, and has now released ‘Ode To Arma‘, their second single from it, along with an official video. A twenty year musical career, with numerous line-up changes along the way they have set their melodic death metal to one side delving into a more ambient, ...

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Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa – Redemption

This is Joe Bonamassa’s heaviest record for some time, and I’m not just talking musically. He aired a few of these numbers back during his spring UK tour where their subject matter didn’t  register, though obtuse comments made by the guitarist in press releases, alongside him having moved to Nashville and the album’s title being what it is, it gave ...

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