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Devin Townsend Project – Ocean Machine – Live at the Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv

When Devin Townsend stepped onto the stage in the quite spectacular setting of the Ancient Theatre, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, to perform the album Ocean Machine, plus other tracks from his long and varied career, it was the culmination of a dream he’d been nursing for the better part of twenty years. As he said it ‘signifies the end of one era ...

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Bruce Dickinson – Soloworks

Review: Bruce Dickinson – Soloworks

Bruce Dickinson is certainly a man of many talents, so much so that one has to wonder how he finds the time for all his successful ventures. By turns an airline pilot, international fencing competitor, broadcaster, screenwriter and brewer of fine ales. Oh, and not to mention the lead singer in Iron Maiden, one of the most successful heavy metal ...

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The Winery Dogs – Dog Years

The Winery Dogs – Dog Years: Live in Santiago & Beyond in 2013 – 2016

The Winery Dogs, a band I knew nothing of around two years ago, but with some members I was all too familiar. Two legendary musicians and one that for me, was slightly lesser known, a drummer that has been in just about every band worth being in. Mike Portnoy, arguably one of the greatest bassists to ever live and that has ...

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Steve Hackett – The Charisma Years

Review: Steve Hackett – The Charisma Years 1975 – 1982

Steve Hackett the virtuoso guitarist first came onto the music scene with progressive rock band Genesis, after joining them in 1970 to record their third album Nursery Cryme, and stayed with them for another five albums, before leaving in 1977 to concentrate on a solo career. He has written and recorded many albums up to the present date and tours ...

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Review: Desertfest 2016 split EP, Monster Magnet/Raging Speedhorn

The phenomenal Desertfest that resides in Camden, London once a year (and now for those lucky Europeans, Berlin, Germany and Antwerp, Belgium) seem to have found themselves filthy habit of creating a split 7” vinyl EPs in extremely limited numbers. Using only what they consider to be some of the most deserving and exciting of bands, this year is no ...

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Review: Tyrannosaurus Rex – Albums Re-released

The first three albums by Tyrannosaurus Rex, that characterized the music of original duo of Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrin Took, have been released as deluxe editions for the first time by Polydor / Universal Music Catalogue. These newly re-mastered versions generously update any previously released material. Long before Marc was a Jackie magazine teenage heartthrob and a fully-fledged Metal ...

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Review: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Vinyl Box Set 1973-1977

What can you say about an iconic band like Lynryd Skynyrd that hasn’t been said before? A band who are the essence  of Southern Rock, and arguably the Classic Rock Genre. Skynyrd’s story is one that will forever be passed down in rock legend- and have decided to captured their glory days in this box set. Famously the Jacksonville icons ...

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Review: Meshuggah – I (Special Edition)

There are few bands in the world that can get away with a 21-minute long EP comprising of just one track… ‘I’ was released in was 2004 and was originally meant to be released by Jason Popson’s Fractured Transmitter record label, but in the end came out via Nuclear Blast as a ‘one-off’. Now, in keeping with their 25th anniversary celebrations, the ...

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Review: Anti-Flag – A Document of Dissent: 1993-2013

When a band such as Anti-Flag come such a huge milestone in their musical careers – a retrospective of 20 years work, can give the fans and the band a chance to look at their finest moments as well as song’s that have been over shadowed by their greater musical achievements. ‘A Document of Dissent‘ is Anti-Flag’s journal of their ...

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Review: Entrails – Resurrected from the Grave (Demo Collection)

Demo collection albums aren’t something I always enjoy. I understand the novelty of seeing how a band was before they became refined and set themselves on the right path, but sometimes it’s just awful! So when the Swedish Death Metal act, ENTRAILS, announced they would be releasing ‘Resurrected From The Grave – Demo Collection’, I was skeptical. However, this thing ...

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