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Cold Years

Review: Cold Years – Northern Blues

Britrock has had a tough couple of decades. In the nineties, we were producing bands like The Wildhearts, Terrorvision and The Manic Street Preachers. Sadly, recent years have seen that section of British music struggle to gain any traction. The occasional bright spot aside, we haven’t had big rock bands. Or at least we didn’t. Because the rock is beginning ...

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Cold Years - Death Chasers

Review: Cold Years – Death Chasers

Another day, another up and coming British band trying to elbow their way past the competition on a quest to rise to the upper echelons of the national rock scene. On this particular occasion we’re faced with an anthemic, punk-tinged, quintet going by the name of Cold Years. Hailing from Aberdeen and taking more than a couple of cues from ...

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