Monday, July 4, 2022

Connor Lawrence, Co-Founder of Indify, on Getting Noticed as a Musician

For every musician who “makes it”, there are many more equally talented people who are never noticed or appreciated by a large fan base....
Original Cruisers Motorcyle Club

Original Cruisers Motorcycle Club – Southport

2007 was made special when Charlie Brown decided to form a club along with a few friends, they called the club the 'Original Cruisers'....
The Beggars Banquet

The Beggars Banquet: Michael Joseph Photos 

This week we were given a unique opportunity to see a series of photographs by one of the world's  most talented photographers. He captured...

RAMzine Top Ten Gone Before Their Time

It’s a common debate and topic; the phrase ‘gone before their time’ can be focused on all manner of things, from sports, to writing...

Rock Band Video Game Appearances

The links between rock bands and video games go back many years, before CDs and even before cassettes became popular.It might feel like bands...

Top 10 Moments from Download Festival 2014

Download always marks the start of summer, it is a weekend where you can forget normal life, and live in this immense world of...
RAMzine Quiz

RAMzine Quiz and Answers

Here is a list of music-related questions that cover all of the sub-genres that RAMzine loves: so expect a testing time on all areas...

Best websites for musicians and bands to find royalty-free music

So you like listening to some cool and fun melodies? Okay, perhaps you want to add a soundtrack to your commercial project. Whatever might...

RAMzines Top 10 moments from Hard Rock Hell 2012!

For what was such a fantastic festival, condensing Hard Rock Hell into a list Top 10 Moments was no easy task. However, after much...

Check out the trailer for Rob Zombie’s new movie ’31’

We all know and love the legend that is Rob Zombie for his unique style of horror directing, as well as his own brand...