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Charlie Chaplin

Wealthiest comedians in the world

Increasing tension due to Covid-19 and the daily base conflicts between the politicians have made life a little too boring and frustrating. But we...

Simple Things You Can Do At Home To Make Money In Your Spare Time

Are you looking for ways to make extra cash from the comfort of your home? If you have some time on your hands, you...

Black Sabbath – 50 Years & Beyond

Lucifer stands guard within Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. He has been there since 1947 when Sir Jacob Epstein’s brass sculpture, weighing in at...
Original Cruisers Motorcyle Club

Original Cruisers Motorcycle Club – Southport

2007 was made special when Charlie Brown decided to form a club along with a few friends, they called the club the 'Original Cruisers'....

Top Ten Beards in Rock & Metal

Top Ten Beards in Rock & Metal As we all know, beards are the consummate symbol of manliness. To other men, a beard states you are...

Top 10 moments of Sonisphere 2014

10. Progress Wrestling "This is Progress" This Sonisphere weekend RAMzine discovered the world of wrestling, bought to us by Progress Wrestling. Progress brands themselves “Punk...
Tattoo Convention 28SEP 2019

Fifteenth Annual International Tattoo Convention — London, Tobacco Dock

For some, the world of ink must evoke an image of needles and screams... Perhaps that is why the art-form has its detractors. But...

#CutTheCrap Sexual Harassment on Social Media Needs to Stop!

Today, something happened to me on Facebook that is a far too common an occurrence for women on social media. Being a music publicist, having...
Writing music

Writing Metal Music: What are the Common Themes?

Metal is a thriving subculture in its own right. To outsiders, it can seem angry and violent, but this couldn’t be further from the...

The Impact of Music on the Casino Gaming Experience

Music has played an important role for ages. It has been around even before people had instruments. With time, they perfected it and inspired...