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Johnny Casino Running Scared

Aussie rocker Johnny Casino  has a new single out on Golden Robot Records in the form of a cover tune called ‘I Scare Myself’. A rambling, gambling  journeyman musican, Casino mixes three chord riffage alongside influences ranging from Chuck Berry and The MC5 through to Motown  & Gram Parsons. ‘I Scare Myself’ was first brought to Casino’s attention by the ...

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Johnny Casino’s Ghost Ships

Johnny Casino, the founding member and songwriter of Australian rock ´n´ roll band Asteroid B612, has more recently been living on the Mediterranean, and focussing on a solo career. To that end he’s just released a cover of the Chris Bailey/Saints song ‘Ghost Ships’ as anew single. The song harks back to the heartland; a deep and soulful rock track ...

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