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Took early retirement after many years as a teacher in order to write books as well as about music. A long-time music obsessive, has wide and eclectic tastes but particularly likes prog rock and rock in general. Enjoys going to gigs and discovering new acts.
Sound Storm - Vertigo

Review: Sound Storm – Vertigo

Sound Storm are a Naples based band who formed in 2002, and whose initial brief involved being a band covering songs by Maiden and Savatage, but they soon branched out and began writing their own operatically flavoured songs and on this, their fourth album, they offer us some quite dramatic examples of what they’re writing and performing now. The band ...

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Twingiant - Blood Feud

Review: Twingiant – Blood Feud

Twingiant are a Phoenix-based band who, it is said, are in the process of refining their sound from a conceptual stoner rock template and towards a 1970’s rock-based guitar meets modern sludge metal. On the evidence of this album, the modern sludge metal wins hands down. Whilst there are moments when they play like a 70’s guitar band, those moments are ...

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Lunatic Soul - Fractured

Review: Lunatic Soul – Fractured

Lunatic Soul is the band Mariusz Duda plays in when not engaged in his day job, bassist, singer and main composer with the mighty Riverside. Fractured is the follow-up to 2014’s Walking on a Flashlight Beam. The new release has been described by Mariusz Duda himself as an “album of catharsis” after an extremely challenging year, which saw him lose bandmate ...

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Red Mountains - Slow Wander

Review: Red Mountains – Slow Wander

Norway’s Red Mountain, not to be confused with the one from the American deep south, is a band it would be easy to dismiss as just another bunch of musos who’ve turned their amps up to maximum full-on fuzzy distortion and just ground out the riffs. That would be a mistake. Yes, this is an album where the riff predominates, ...

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Twisted Illusion - Insight into the mind of a million faces   

Review: Twisted Illusion – Insight into the mind of a million faces   

Twisted Illusion is the solo project created and fronted by Matt Jones, and Insight into .. is the follow-up to the debut album, Temple of Artifice. That album garnered critically favourable comments and this album could well be doing the same. If you like your prog metal played furiously and accompanied by vocals that occasionally have the same impact as a ...

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Gentle Giant - Three piece Suite

Review: Gentle Giant – Three piece Suite

For fans of classic 1970’s prog rock, the name Gentle Giant is one revered by aficionados of the genre. Emerging out of the rubble of Simon Dupree & the Big Sound, they were an influential band right throughout the nineteen seventies, releasing several top-quality albums along the way. They split in the late seventies when Punk was steamrollering all in ...

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LIONIZE - Nuclear Soul   

Review: LIONIZE – Nuclear Soul   

Fresh off the back of a UK tour, which included playing two prestigious outdoor dates at Ramblin’ Man and Bloodstock, their first festival dates in this country, comes the latest album from Maryland’s Lionize. Their follow-up to 2014’s Jetpack Soundtrack, which was the band’s best received album up to date. Lionize are a four-piece ensemble who’ve been around for a decade ...

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Described by ‘Firebrand Roxx’ magazine as being one of the best ‘live’ bands on the circuit and who should be on more major festival circuits, The Room provided further evidence of this opinion with a coruscating gig at the Robin 2, Bilston. In 2016, The Room were nominated in the ‘best new band’ category at the Classic Rock Society awards and ...

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THE TANGENT ..”The slow rust of forgotten machinery.”

This is the first Tangent album since main man, Andy Tillison, was laid low by a heart attack in 2016, but he’s happily recovered sufficiently and is now back behind the wheel again, and it’s good to have him back. This new album, the band’s ninth, will once again ignite the debate as to exactly what kind of band The ...

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