loudest silent film on earth

See the trailer for ‘The Loudest Silent Movie On Earth’

Belgian-Swedish visual artist Bjorn Tagemos has directed a movie called Gutterdämmerung, which has the tag-line ‘The Loudest Silent Movie On Earth’. The movie ironically stars a cast of iconic rock stars including: Slash, Josh Homme, Lemmy (Motorhead), Grace Jones, Iggy Pop, Tom Araya (Slayer), Volbeat, Mark Lanegan, Nina Hagen, Jesse Hughes (EoDM), and Henry Rollins (who also co-wrote the film). Watch the ...

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Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor makes his movie debut in ‘Fear Clinic’

First Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong in comic-drama Geezer, and now the unmasked front-man of Stone Sour and Slipknot in horror flick ‘Fear Clinic’. The movie, based on the popular web-series, is due for DVD release on March 30th. Corey sports a handsome moustache and stars alongside Freddy Kruger himself, Robert Englund and rising-star Thomas Dekker. You can watch Corey as ...

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top rock and metal albums 2014

Top Rock and Metal Albums of 2014

It has been a fantastic year for music. We saw new releases from Mastodon, Taking Back Sunday, Against Me!, Beartooth, The Used, Dead Harts, Feed The Rhino, Sleepwave, The Ghost Inside. No to mention Machine Head, In This Moment, AC DC, Slipknot, and so so many more! I always find these round-up articles really hard, as I tend to stick ...

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RAMzine’s Top Ten Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumours

Everyone loves a good yarn, a good tall-tale, hey! Sometimes the myth is actually better than reality. Rock music is no different; it is choc-full of legends that people down the boozer love to regale you with but which ones are actually really true? Well people, here’s your chance to trump your friends with your awesome knowledge of all things ...

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Top 10 moments of Sonisphere 2014

10. Progress Wrestling “This is Progress” This Sonisphere weekend RAMzine discovered the world of wrestling, bought to us by Progress Wrestling. Progress brands themselves “Punk Rock Pro Wrestling”. I can guarantee fun at their shows! Rock music + Pro Wrestlers + major crowd participation = one hell of a show, better than some set we saw this weekend! It was ...

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Top 10 Moments from Download Festival 2014

Download always marks the start of summer, it is a weekend where you can forget normal life, and live in this immense world of Rock and Metal – where anything goes. You can wake up and dress as a bunny, guys can were a wedding dress. Whatever you want to do, nobody will judge you, because we are all on ...

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Top 10 Moments From Hammerfest 2014

We had such a fantastic time at Hammerfest this year, so we thought we would share with you our favourite moments. Some of these moments we all witnessed, and others were more behind the scenes. We would love to hear your top moments too! – Please use the comment box at the bottom of the page. 10. Chris James Ryan ...

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Top Ten Items of Band Merchandise

Every band has t-shirts, albums, records, patches and maybe the occasional book after a few years. Then After a while, most fans will get used to the continuous production of most generic items of band merchandise. However, once in a while, a band will break the mould and explore new territory to offer fans something completely different with often very ...

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Top Ten Beards in Rock & Metal

Top Ten Beards in Rock & Metal As we all know, beards are the consummate symbol of manliness. To other men, a beard states you are rugged and tough, but also a deep thinker, and also a fantastic guy to share a beer with; to women it says that you are a gentleman and extremely sexually proficient. In rock and metal ...

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Top ten

RAMzine Top Ten Gone Before Their Time

It’s a common debate and topic; the phrase ‘gone before their time’ can be focused on all manner of things, from sports, to writing and then of course, to music. It’s easy to drag up the old clichés of a list of heroes that through their choice or through tragedy have died before they really explored their genius, and then ...

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