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Jordan Rudess's Wired for Sound

Jordan Rudess’ ‘Wired for Madness’ is testimony to the extraordinary range and breadth of his musical desires

If you’re a fan of Prog-metal the name Jordan Rudess will be familiar to you as the keyboard player with rock titans Dream Theatre and also as one of the two main composers of their music. But although he’s made his name and stellar reputation inside this band, his skill and musical palette extends far beyond this. His latest solo ...

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False Gods

False Gods – The Serpent And The Ladder

Monotonous beginning is one of the things uniting False Gods with bands like Sun O))). Some say ‘what’s good for some should be good for all’ but that’s not the case here. Opener ‘The Serpent’ is not what you’d expect from this record. ‘The Serpent’ itself represents occult unity of overloaded chords with slow tunes. Too slow for the song itself, ...

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The Mute Gods

THE MUTE GODS – Atheists and Believers

The Mute Gods are a kind-of prog-rock supergroup, with all three members of the line-up having a lengthy pedigree playing in other major bands, currently including The Sea Within and Steve Hackett, among several others. This new album follows on from their last release, 2017’s Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth, and continues to shine the spotlight on topics and issues ...

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DEVIN TOWNSEND – An iconoclastic musician who has pushed the boundaries on Empath

If one word could be said to sum up the music and career of Canadian rock musician Devin Townsend, it’s probably Iconoclastic. Since he’s rarely in one place for any length of time and is always following his muse to wherever it leads him. Which puts him alongside fellow Canadian Neil Young, who’s always gone his own way and made ...

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FM complete a fabulous Italian Job

FM are far from being the only classic 1980’s band still on the touring circuit after enjoying a second wind. Something that’s a little less usual though, and what makes them stand out from the pack, is what they’ve been up to since reforming 12 years ago. Five of their ten studio albums (plus the rerecorded Indiscreet 30) have been released by ...

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Dream Theatre’s Distance Over Time “Them at their most dynamic”

A contentious point, maybe, but it’s probably true to say there’s no other band like rock titans, the mighty Dream Theatre. Consequently, few bands divide opinion in the rock world more than they seem to. That’s because they’re an interesting hybrid; neither wholly prog, nor wholly metal, rather, they’re a fascinating amalgam of the two styles. They effortlessly bridge together ...

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ROCK GODDESS  This Time      

Rock Goddess return with This Time

Back in the days of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), for those of us with long memories, females playing rock were about as rare as a Ritchie Blackmore’s smile. But this changed when bands like Girlschool and, in particular, Rock Goddess came onto the scene. And they didn’t let the fact of their gender deter them from ...

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Almost Honest

Almost Honest – Welcome to the Viking Groove Machine

It was hard to know exactly what I was in for heading into the first listen of Almost Honest’s Seiches and Sirens, a full-length album from a band dubbed a “Viking groove machine”, hailing from Pennsylvania, but such as it was I was still surprised by what this record had in store. While the album starts off with the furious ...

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Fresh Grass

Grass prove they are anything but trash with Fresh material

Despite conjuring the sound of a band who has crossed a sun-baked desert in a clapped out old touring van, you may be surprised to learn Grass actually hail from the concrete and steel landscape of Brooklyn NY. Fresh Grass opens up with this sun-kissed, 70’s, blues-infused stoner style the band have carefully stitched together, the infectious chorus of ‘My ...

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Inculter release eight blackened compositions in the form of Fatal Visions

The Norwegian thrash metal squadron known as Inculter made waves in the underground a few years ago by means of their impressive and memorable debut offering entitled Persisting Devolution, and it is no secret that this writer was quite curious as to what the follow-up would sound like. It is with great pleasure to announce that this fist-pumping new opus ...

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