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The Ghost and the Machine

The Ghost and the Machine are slick on Red Rain Tires

Named, I assume, after a phrase coined by the Oxford philosopher Gilbert Ryle to describe aspects of the mind-body relationship, The Ghost and the Machine was formed in 2014 by Andi Lechner, who plays, predominately, Resonator guitars, and Heidi Fial, a multi-instrumentalist, specialising in the double bass. They expanded to a trio in 2016 with the recruitment of drummer Matthias Macht. ...

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Sari Schorr – Never Say Never

Two years down the road, second album in, Stateside singer Sari Schorr sounds much travelled and has a few things that she wants to get off her chest rather than go for the easy option and just sing about falling in and out of love. Message songs and preaching politics rarely get an audience in modern rock music, but she ...

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Ashbury hit new heights on Eye Of The Stygian Witches

Ashbury have been around for a while, having released Endless Skies in 1983 and eventually the follow-up, Something Funny Going On in 2004. They have now got around to releasing their third album, Eye Of The Stygian Witches and continue where they left off with a classy album full of 80s inspired heavy rock. Hailing from Tuscon in Arizona and made up of brothers ...

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ALICE COOPER Paranormal Night

ALICE COOPER’s new live album Paranormal Night at the Olympia, Paris

Alice Cooper, rock legend, elder statesman, one-time member of the original 1970’s Hollywood Vampires, rock n’ roll Hall of Famer and a whole lot more besides, is now fifty years into his career and at 70, he’s still going strong and showing no signs of slowing down. Actually, he’d probably be a legend even if all he’d ever recorded was ...

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ATTAN are a darkened force of thick pure aggression

This is where hope comes to die and Attan is its executioner. Spawning from a place where sunlight doesn’t exist for six months of the year, Attan are a darkened force of thick pure aggression who dance with calamity. The five-piece have been building to this moment since they unleashed their rabid EP From Nothing back in 2015. Stretching out the ...

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Metal Allegiance – Vol II: Power Drunk Majesty

Ah, Metal Allegiance, the band where my entire music journalist life started! A few years ago their self-titled debut was my first ever album to review, not having a clue what I was doing other than being straight with myself and stating what I felt about the album, I couldn’t flaw it! It still gets played often to this day ...

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Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions

It may not have been long ago, but it feels like forever since their last release, Psychic Warfare. It was short and sharp, our reviewer back then on release didn’t find himself much of a fan. Sometimes it is hard being a reviewer, but we all have to be honest with ourselves and everyone else when it comes to us ...

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The Parasitic Twins – All That’s Left To Do Now Is Sleep With Each Other

As EP’s go, this probably has a title longer than most songs, let alone an entire EP. 6 minutes of intensity, dirty riffs, beastly drums and visceral vocals. Technical minds may not find anything of value here, but those that like their music like a sledgehammer are worth spending their time checking them out. Opener ‘Massive’ is a brute and ...

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Grusom – Grusom II

A little research can go a long way when it comes to checking out a band you’re set to review, a small taste of what you’re letting yourself in for, on my search I came across a review (albeit a positive one!) of this album that I thought set me up for a certain sound, and after a long, stressful ...

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Horseman – Of Hope, Freedom And Future

  Kicking off like a many have for decades, those calm, clean and slowly layered builds that lead into an explosive wall of distortion soaring with inspiration, German band Horseman with their now third release, ‘Of Hope, Freedom And Future’ are out to show claim eardrums. Metal to the bone, they blend that thrash speed and accuracy with groove and ...

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