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Beastwars make a triuphant return with ‘IV’

There are some albums out there that you can just feel are special, albums that have a deeper meaning rather than artist expression and album number four from New Zealand’s Beastwars simply titled IV is one of those. Recording began within two weeks of vocalist Matt Hyde completing chemotherapy treatment – the band knowing they wanted to record something a ...

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Norweigen prog rockers JORDSJØ unleash a hauntingly beautiful opus ‘Nattfiolen’

The Norwegian prog rockers known as Jordsjø released a rather solid and evocative record last year entitled Jord that was inspired by German 70s synth music, horror movies, folk music, fantasy novels, and the melancholy beauty of Norwegian nature. Although it did not sweep me off my feet, there were some interesting ideas to be found on that disc and ...

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SOTO unfold musically on ‘Origami’

Puerto Rican musician Jeff Scott Soto is perhaps best known as Yngwie Malmsteen’s vocalist and also the singer for Journey, Talisman, Sons of Apollo and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Although he’s a classic soul singer — the same singing style as Steve Perry, maybe — he’s equally at home, working on the ear-assaultive hard rock or pushing his lung power to ...

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Interpol indulges the ear with new EP, ‘A Fine Mess’

Interpol’s latest EP, A Fine Mess, serves as a robust and worthy successor to last summer’s album, Marauder. What is perhaps the most notable aspect of A Fine Mess is that it is consistent in its strength; it exists without choppy transitions, nor does it attempt to infuse each track with any musical element it does not need. Interpol has ...

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Black Label Society – Sonic Brew 20th Anniversary Blend 5.99 – 5.19

I remember vividly first getting into Black Label Society, it was the days of dial-up internet and CD’s were the go to listening source. I’d heard myself a few tracks, Counterfeit God, Rose Petalled Garden, Spoke In the Wheel and Ain’t Life Grand thanks to the internet, I found myself come the weekend and payday down the record store looking ...

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Zeal and Ardor: Live in London

Zeal & Ardor: Live in London There’s not much you can say when attempting to review a live album of a show you actually photographed and reviewed, so much so each time I attempted to write about the album, I came up with nothing and put off doing it. Well after allowing time to pass, and coincidentally hot on the ...

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First Signal in the Line Of Fire

First Signal are onto their third album and show no signs of losing that melodic sheen that Harry Hess and crew are so good at. Their latest addition is Line Of Fire which is probably their best yet. Hess has a long list of recordings and achievements, not least with Harem Scarum. With this ‘new’ band however, he takes the ethos of ...

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Diamond Head prove they never lost it with’The Coffin Train’

All aboard ‘The Coffin Train’! NWOBHM stalwarts Diamond Head knock it out of the park with a brand new album. Formed by two working-class teenagers from Stourbridge, the UK in 1976, Brian Tatler & Duncan Scott would unwittingly help to create a blueprint for the NWOBH sound and become an influence for generations of metal musicians that have come and ...

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The Valley by Whitechapel

After a three-year wait, the boys from Knoxville are back with their seventh studio album, The Valley. It is quite possible that there has never been a darker, more raw album ever conceived in the history of mankind. Phil Bozeman is quoted in the bio for this album as saying; “It’s all about me as a child, and some of ...

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New Years Day

Have New Year’s Day crossed-over with new album, Unbreakable?

It’s hard to pinpoint where bands like New Year’s Day (NYD) sit in terms of audience or even genre. On the one hand, they appeal to a wide audience with their poppy appeal accompanied by metal influence, but ask a lot of people about NYD and they might not even have listened to them, yet.  I suppose they sit with the ...

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