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Palm Reader

Palm Reader to release new album, Braille, showcasing a barrage of riffs

Braille is not an album that messes around. Palm Reader kick things off with ‘Swarm’ which is the aural equivalent of a big boot to the face. It is heavy and armed with more angular riffs than you can flail wildly to, but it’s all pinned together by the chorus. In among all the chaos, they unleash their more melodic ...

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Bob Kulick – Skeletons In The Closet

Having spent 50 years in the music business, playing with the likes of Kiss, Meat Loaf, Lou Reed and W.A.S.P; Bob Kulick remains an in demand guitarist, and sometime producer. Little wonder then it took him until 2015 to start putting together his first solo album, Skeletons In The Closet, available through Vanity Music. Skeletons in the Closet features ten ...

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Icefire – The Nature Of Evil

Featuring former members of Scarab, Midlands-based female-fronted heavy metal band Icefire offer with Nature Of Evil a list of suitably hell-baiting song titles to sum up where they’re coming from.  However, toss your black metal habits aside; ditch your emo-heroin chic posturing and think Goth metal of the kind birthed by the unholy union of folk brought up on the ...

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We Were Sharks

Canadian pop-punkers We Were Sharks release Lost Touch

We Were Shark, the Canadian six-piece pop-punkers have recently released their second album Lost Touch and more apt an album name they could not have picked, as this release, while enjoyable, does feel as though it has lost touch with the bands earlier, more hard-hitting releases, 2012’s debut LP Highways and 2015’s EP  Not A Chance. There appears to have been little ...

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Avatar Country

Avatar continue to impress with Avatar Country

Avatar Country is not your ‘typical’ metal record, in the same way that Avatar are not a ‘typical’ metal band. Avatar Country perfectly captures Avatar’s bizarre look and outlandish stage show and hands it to you in the form of a 10-song album, which is by far one of the most unique and enjoyable metal albums of the last few ...

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Axel Rudi Pell

Axel Rudi Pell releases Knights Call

Axel Rudi Pell or ARP, as I will call him to save my fingers, has been on the scene for over for over thirty years. His first band, Steeler, released four albums between 1984 and 1988. He then went solo and including live albums and compilations, has over thirty albums bearing the ARP name. All of them have been firmly ...

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W.E.T. Earthrage

W.E.T. release melodic rock album Earthrage

W.E.T. are Robert Säll (the “W” from Work of Art), Erik Mårtensson (the “E” from Eclipse) Jeff Scott Soto (the “T” from Talisman), along with the engine room from Eclipse, guitarist Magnus Henriksson and drummer Robban Bäck. Now, it is unusual to say the least that a band is brought into existence by the desires and interests of a record label executive. ...

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Pit Brothers Band

Pit Brothers Band release Rock and Roll album Rosce

The Pit Brothers Band began as a collaboration between two brothers from New York, Eric (guitars/vocals) and David Pitagorsky (Keyboards, vocals). Joined by Hide Omachi on bass and Flaco on drums and vocals they have new album Roscoe on release. On first listen it comes across as a blend of Tom Petty, Joe Walsh with a bit of John Mellencamp thrown ...

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David Hannah

David Hannah crafts some great rock tracks without words

David Hannah is a songwriter, arranger and an in-demand session musician from a small market town in Ayrshire, Scotland. His main passion is instrumental heavy rock and he lists Priest, Satriani, Stratovarius and Nightwish amongst his favourite bands. So far he has self-released five albums including his latest, Long Road Home, which has just been issued. A multi-instrumentalist, Hannah also plays Bass, Keyboards, ...

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Karabas Barabas

The quirky yet captivating sound of Karabas Barabas

Karabas Barabas formed in late 2015 in Jacksonville Florida when Andrew Tuzhilin (bass/vocals), Josh Davis (drums) and Phranque Gallo (guitar/vocals) got together. The name comes from a villain in a Russian fairytale and they have released a follow up to their first album, Return of the Sexy Demon. Subtly titled Sex With The Devil this new one features guest musicians, ...

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