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Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa – Redemption

This is Joe Bonamassa’s heaviest record for some time, and I’m not just talking musically. He aired a few of these numbers back during his spring UK tour where their subject matter didn’t  register, though obtuse comments made by the guitarist in press releases, alongside him having moved to Nashville and the album’s title being what it is, it gave ...

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Polt Her Geist - Haemorrhage

Polt Her Geist release Haemorrhage in all their twisted glory

After captivating and terrifying many in the music industry with a PR campaign involving cryptic emails from beyond the grave, disturbing paintings, and a Chinese restaurant, (it’s a long story), Hertfordshire based “death punk” band Polt Her Geist announced the release of a new EP earlier this year, and today that EP has arrived on 7” vinyl, in all it’s ...

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Crooked Teeth - Honey

Crooked Teeth – Honey

California-based pop-punk trio Crooked Teeth have released their second EP this year, however, despite only being released a few months apart, Honey displays quite a change in sound from the band’s previous EP Pastel. On this latest EP, Crooked Teeth have stripped away much of the rawer elements of their blend of pop-punk and emo in favour of a cleaner, ...

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The Tangent Proxy

Intelligent Prog Rock by The Tangent

The Tangent, despite having been around for fifteen years, are quite likely one of the best prog rock bands you’ve never heard of. They’re lauded by their musical peers and their fans devour their every release. The fact they’re held in high esteem in the prog world can be seen by their last studio album, The Slow Rust of Forgotten ...

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Almost Ruined Everything

Pock Rockers Notches release Almost Ruined Everything

For all those who long for the era of classic emo bands, who wish they could go back in time to see Husker Dü or Midway Still destroy someone’s basement, you need mourn no more, thanks to New Hampshire melodic punk rockers Notches. The first thing that grabs your attention upon pressing play on their sophomore album is the melodic ...

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Soulfly return to form with new album Ritual

Max Cavalera has made a name for himself by constantly pushing boundaries and shattering genres he is probably one of the most prolific artists in metal be it with Sepultura, Nail Bomb, The Cavalera Conspiracy or indeedSoulfly. So it comes as no surprise that he has been busy writing the follow up to Soulfly’s 2015 album Archangel. Ritual kicks off ...

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Electric Boys

Electric Boys open The Ghost Ward Diaries

Stockholm band, Electric Boys, formed back in 1988 and debuted with Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride 1989. Two further albums were released before they went on hiatus for a couple of years. Reforming on 2009, they recorded two more whilst touring with the likes of Metallica, Alice Cooper and Thunder. Taking us up to date, the line up of Conny Bloom (guitar ...

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Howling Lords

Howling Lords make the Texas Medicine go down

Hailing, probably literally, from the beautiful Isle of Lewis The Howling Lords are a heavy, riff based trio who formed in 2015 and have already racked up an eponymous album and an EP in 2016. They now have the second album on release called Texas Medicine. The three guys, Eoghainn Lapsley (pronounced, I think, Owen) on drums, Jens Johansen on bass, ...

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Radiant are luminous

Radiant is a five-piece hard rock band from Northern Germany; they formed in 2014 when vocalist Herbie Langhans (Voodoo Circle, Avantasia), guitarist Flo Gottsleben and bass player Markus Beck (both ex-Seventh Avenue) got together, recruited drummer Manni Spalka and lead guitarist Carsten Stepanowicz and began to write and record in the old fashioned way…not by email, but by playing in ...

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Seventh Wonder

Seventh Wonder wonder no more

Swedish band, Seventh Wonder was formed in 2000 by bass player Andreas Blomqvist, guitarist Johan Liefvendahl and drummer Johnny Sandin and keyboard player Andreas “Kyrt” Söderin. They hit the ground running with a metal edged rock sound. Eighteen years later and now joined by Tommy Karevik on vocals and Stefan Norgren on drums, their fifth album, Tiara, is on release. It is a ...

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