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Hellbound Hearts - Film Noir

Review: Hellbound Hearts – Film Noir

Everyone loves a chorus. There are few things better than a song which builds perfectly to that huge moment when everyone comes in together and screams the words back at the band. It’s music at its very best. It doesn’t matter whether it’s pop, rock or R’n’B, a good one makes everything better. However, it is possible to have too much ...

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Haken’s ‘Visions’

Review: Haken – Visions (re-release 2017)

Progressive metal band Haken have re-released their second album, Visions, after working alongside Jens Bogren to reinvigorate and raise the standard up to the band’s current production, in which Bogren also worked on. Visions is eight tracks long with a total run time of nearly sixty-three minutes, a full eleven minutes shorter than their debut album Aquarius [which has had ...

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Haken - Aquarius Re-issue 2017

Review: Haken – Aquarius (Re-issue 2017)

Aquarius, Haken’s full debut album was released upon the world some seven years ago and now, has been released once again. You may ask yourself why a band would be so concerned about re-releasing an album after such a period of time and it’s a valid question. However, Haken are not your regular band who make an album and say ...

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Stormage - Dead of Night

Review: Stormage – Dead of Night

Note to oneself: do not have the volume above 11 or you are likely to end up in A&E! First track ‘Instinct to Defend’ rings true as you try and save your ears from bleeding out. The heavy metal just pumps to its hearts content and unleashes its cold harsh stabs of rhythms along with harmonies that are solid and ...

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Trigon - Fed-Up

Review: Trigon – Fed-Up

The unusual sample at the start of this album is quirky and also quite strange, however, there’s no law that says a band can’t be diverse and in fact, it is welcomed. ‘Talk to Me’ is a thunderous track that possesses a grand melodic soundscape and powerful riffs that infect the whole of your body – while you are head banging your ...

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Fit for an Autopsy - The Great Collapse

Review: Fit for an Autopsy – The Great Collapse

There is heavy and then there is really heavy and Fit for an Autopsy fall into the latter category, of that there is no mistake what so ever. The vocal scouring ravishes the ear drums making them bleed with the strain that is on them to take in everything that the band are putting out! ‘Hydra’ is one such track ...

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Matt Anderson - Honest Man

Review: Matt Andersen – Honest Man

Award-winning Canadian singer/acoustic guitarist Matt Andersen has some voice. Deep and resonate, it’s warm and draws you in ensuring you listen to what he has to sing about. He can bellow and roar out loud too, not often enough some might say, but there are definitely two sides of the coin being presented here. Aside from Andersen’s voice, Honest Man ...

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Vitja - Digital Love

Review: Vitja – Digital Love

There is a certain rawness that is dealt out on ‘Scum’ that is highly charged and more potent than rocket fuel and no doubt sends you into space on listening. The vocals are gravelly and throaty just the way metal should be sung and executed superbly. ‘D(e)ad’ can certainly be described as edgy and melodic no doubt about it as ...

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Aversions Crown – Xenocide

Review: Aversions Crown – Xenocide

From the early days of rock music, Australia has produced some utterly fantastic bands. We all know AC/DC, and on the contemporary end, who doesn’t like Parkway Drive? Well, get ready to welcome the latest member to the family: Aversions Crown. Formed in Brisbane in 2010, the lads set about working on their plans for world domination by self-releasing their ...

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Decade – Pleasantries

Review: Decade – Pleasantries

Before listening to Pleasantries, I’d not heard much about Decade, other than they’re an up and coming band, after listening to the album I can see why they are moving up. Pleasantries mixes a classic style of pop punk along with a hint of a mainstream rock, these styles work in its favour, to create a really catchy album. This album ...

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