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MYLES KENNEDY …Year of the Tiger   

Myles Kennedy’s Year of the Tiger full of emotional sensitivity

Alter Bridge singer and Slash compadre Myles Kennedy has decided to forsake the rock route on this, his first solo album, and take a route less well travelled by those who frequent the rock genre, namely the acoustic singer-songwriter route. If your only exposure to the music of Myles has been with Alter Bridge or Slash, you may well be ...

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Laurence Jones – The Truth

Four albums in, 50,000 albums sold, several awards under his belt, guest slots supporting acts as diverse as Status Quo, Van Morrison, Joe Bonamassa and Jools Holland… Before hearing a single note you get the impression mainstream attention awaits young “one to watch” blues rock guitarist Laurence Jones. If that’s his goal, or his management’s dream, then with this, his ...

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Temples on Mars

Temples on Mars will release a brand new album in April

So, what’s in a name, eh? Well, according to the band once known as ‘Agent’, there’s plenty, especially when your current name is too low profile to be noticed. So, they changed their name because “we weren’t standing out online, especially on Google and Spotify, where it counts, so we decided to relaunch the band and reinvent ourselves a little ...

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The Bad Flowers – Starting Gun

Having made a name for themselves throughout the Midlands, last year The Bad Flowers began their assault on the UK at large. Tom Leighton (guitar & vocals), Dale Tonks (bass & backing vocals) and Karl Selickis (drums) found themselves on support slots and scoring a couple of rock radio hits. Now, in 2018, they’ve released their debut album and it ...

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Harm's Way

Harm’s Way release an album of lean athletic fury and power

Hardcore is in a healthy state in 2018, and the competition at the top of the scene is having a thrilling trickle down effect. Nails, Full of Hell and many others have made large strides in recent years, pushing the scene further into newer and more interesting avenues. However, the shadow of Code Orange looms large over the entirety of ...

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Letzte Instanz

German rock band Letzte Instanz release new album Morgenland

Letzte Instanz (Last Instant) are a German band noted for the fact they use a range of instrumentation more likely to be found in the more adventurous prog rock bands, instruments such as violin and cello. Newer prog bands like Russia’s I Am The Morning make good usage of these. Although Letzte Instanz has its roots in metal, their music ...

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Dizzy Reed – Rock ‘N Roll Ain’t Easy

Dizzy Reed’s obviously an amiable sort. Brought in to augment Guns ‘N Roses on keyboards, he stayed the course through thick and thin when all and sundry left leaving only the temperamental Axl Rose in charge. With friends in high places – and low – elsewhere he’s also been a busy bee, playing with many and fronting live bands too. ...

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Frozen Crown’s The Fallen King

Frozen Crown is an Italian band, from Lombardy, who only got together in 2017 and who’ve just released their debut album, The Fallen King. They’re described as being a power metal band with a toehold in melodic classic metal and, in that sense, with the structure of their music, and the occasional usage of keyboards, they’re occasionally reminiscent of Nightwish ...

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Danny Bryant – Revelation

Two years down the road since his last album, Blood Money,  there’s much to remind us of British blues guitarist Danny Bryant‘s credentials via some long stirring guitar solos on new album Revelation. It also finds him travelling down roads less travelled musically, and sometimes hitting an unexpected classic rock mother lode. Much of the record, however, is informed by the ...

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Little Caesar – Eight

Little Caesar were one of those bands who should have made it big, or that’s what I’ve read. I missed them when they first made a noise, back in the late 80s. They reformed a few years back, as bands have a habit of doing. Aside from their front man Ron Young I’m not sure how many of the old ...

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