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The Well

The Well’s third album Death and Consolation

Austin-based power trio The Well are usually classed as having progressive influences as wide ranging as Joy Division and Blue Cheer. The group is made up of guitarist/vocalist Ian Graham, bassist/vocalist Lisa Alley and drummer Jason Sullivan. Their third album, Death and Consolation reveals, to my ears at least, a definite Blue Cheer style of raw bluesy rock… but it has been ...

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Texas Hippie Coalition

Texas Hippie Coalition show true grit

The heavy rock band known as the Texas Hippie Coalition from Denison in Texas, (never guessed that did you?) release their 6th album and after numerous line-up changes seem to have settled into their own particular groove. They call it “Red Dirt Metal”… I call it heavy southern rock with enough metal running through it to weld everything together. Their last album, ...

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Hot Suede

Hot Suede get leathered

Hot Suede are a five-piece rock band from Kansas City with a sound that suggests bands as diverse as Queen, Floyd, Soundgarden and Queens of the Stone Age are among their chosen influences. In other words we get an amalgam of the best of rock from the 70’s through to the 90’s. The band, Bobby W. Topaz (vocals), Doug Nelson (guitar), ...

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Bright Curse

Time Of The Healer by Bright Curse

I have always had a soft spot for a bit of heavy French psychedelia, and Soul Manifest were very good exponents of that with their doomy, out there riffs. They split and two of their numbers (Romain Daut on guitar, Peruvian flute and vocals + Sammy Deveille on bass and double bass) decamped to London. In 2012 they met up ...

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The Far Meadow - Foreign Land

The Far Meadow’s Foreign Land

The Far Meadow are a symphonic, prog rock band from London who emerged from Blind Panic, and who’ve just released their third album, Foreign Land, the follow-up to 2016’s Given the Impossible, which was this writers introduction to the band. Actually, the real introduction was seeing them open up the Saturday afternoons proceedings at the 2018 New Day Festival where, ...

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Lonely Robot

John Mitchell releases Under Stars by Lonely Robot

Lonely Robot are a crossover solo prog project from the mighty John Mitchell, a man who’s almost a tour de force and a one-man army in prog rock, both as a multi-instrumentalist and his contribution to bands such as It Bites, Kino, Frost* and Arena, amongst others. He’s also a producer of some note with his co-ownership of the label, White ...

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Enforcer release Zenith

As a long time fan of Enforcer I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Sweedish quartet’s new album since there last outing From Beyond in 2015. For those of you who are not familiar with the band, imagine the bastard sons of Di’Anno-era Iron Maiden mixed with the fast-paced face-melting technicality of the first few Metallica and Megadeth albums ...

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Danny Worsnop Goes Blue

Danny Worsnop has a new solo album called Shades of Blue that takes different steps that began with his country infused ‘The Long Road Home’. This time he adds his blues and soul influences into the mix. To be honest, this is a breath of fresh air as the eleven tracks showcase his wide vocal range and compositional abilities across a wholly different ...

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Bastardizer Serve Up Some Furious Blackened Thrash For All

Austalia’s Bastardizer continues the trend of interesting bands coming out of Australia’s homegrown metal scene, serving up good old fashioned death metal mixed with some clear thrash elements that could possibly be seen as “blackened thrash” if you’re that into your sub-genres. At first listen you could be forgiven for thinking the four-piece hail from the frozen North, not the ...

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Age of the Wolf

Age of The Wolf turn up the fuzz on ‘Ouroboric Trances’

Costa Rica’s Age of the Wolf look set to unleash a barrage of their patented fuzz coated, stoner doom that crashes head first into sludge with their new release, Ouroboric Trances, set for release May 17th through Aural Music. Ouroboric Trances is the bands first full-length release and follows their self titled EP which was nominated for Best Hard Rock Release ...

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