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white wizzard

White Wizzard’s Infernal Overdrive – True, unabashed, traditional heavy metal in its purest form

Infernal Overdrive sees metal stalwarts White Wizzard return with their fourth full-length album, their first since 2013. With the return of former members, singer Wyatt ‘Screaming Demon’ Anderson and guitarist, James J. LaRue along with a new record label, this latest release comes at a time of significant change in the band’s career. However, any feelings of trepidation fans may experience ...

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Funeral Shakes

Supergroup Funeral Shakes Release Debut Album

“When would you ever want to hear a song about people who’ve lived happily ever after? Never! You want to listen to the negative stuff, all wrapped up in a happy tune.” Funeral Shakes guitarist Simon Barker comes straight to the point when it comes to discussing the themes that the new outfit’s debut album and we’re not fully sure whether we agree with him ...

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Tyler Bryant and the shakedown

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown’s fresh and original rockin’ blues

It’s a good time for rockin’ blues, with the likes of Joe Bonamassa and The Temperance Movement helping to give the genre a welcome shot in the arm. With this self-titled album, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown magnificently prove that they, too, are part of this vanguard. It’s taken the Shakedown nearly half a decade to follow up their only ...

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Voodoo Circle

VOODOO CIRCLE… Raised on Rock   

There are those occasions when listening to a new album, you start to think ..yeah, this is quite a good album but there’s something missing from the mix  .. and then you realise what it is. But, first things first. Voodoo Circle are a German hard rock/heavy metal band, founded in 2008 and fronted by guitarist Alex Beyrodt (ex-Silent Force) ...

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RICK SPRINGFIELD allows us to share his disillusion with the modern world on The Snake King  

It would be true to say, right at the outset, if you’re a big fan of Rick Springfield and have listened to his music down the years, The Snake King is quite likely not the album you’d be expecting from him. In fact, on this new album, Rick has thrown a curveball right out there into leftfield which’ll probably astound ...

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Deathless Legacy

Join Deathless Legacy on a twisted journey through the demented and demonic Rituals Of Black Magic

Before we begin, it would be fair to say that the term ‘Goth‘ has taken somewhat of a turn in its meaning in the mainstream media in the modern day, hasn’t it? A word that once referred to a sub-culture of those who liked to dress in black and listen to a diverse selection of music ranging from the haunting ...

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Fall Out Boy’s Mania

The problem with Fall Out Boy’s Mania isn’t a genre change

To a specific generation, Fall Out Boy are a rather special band, epitomising a time and an emotional connection of years past. The early days of Take This To Your Grave spawned an army of young pop-punk lovers. ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’ played a major role in pop-punk making its way back to the radar of the mainstream again. And Pete, Patrick, Joe ...

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Bleeding Gods release Dodekathlon

Bleeding Gods release Dodekathlon – Good escapist fun that doesn’t disappoint

Dutch death metal five-piece Bleeding Gods have brought a feast of grandiose proportions to sink our teeth into, and by the gods is it juicy. Mythology and metal have always been well known bedfellows since the genre’s inception some 48 years ago. All manner of different cultures from across the globe have been interpreted via the metal curriculum but none ...

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Mabel Greer’s Toyshop – The Secret

Mabel Greer’s Toyshop is the group whose members would go on to form progressive rock giants Yes. There are three principle things to take into account when considering the band however. The first is that when Mabel Greer’s Toyshop existed progressive rock did not exist per se but was percolating in the heady mix that was the London underground music ...

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Listener - being empty: being filled

Listener carve a niche for themselves that has rarely been attempted before.

Listener, the moniker of Dan Smith that has since evolved into a full band, have used 8 albums over 15 years to carve a niche for themselves in a way that has rarely been attempted before. The combination of spoken word, hip-hop, indie and rock may, on paper, sound like an unusual and incompatible mix, yet through Listener they become ...

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