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Will Collateral Become Big-shots?

British flamboyant four-piece Kent-based rock band Collateral has a new single out in the form of ‘Mr Big Shot’ taken from their recently released self-titled debut album released on Roulette Media Records and distributed worldwide through Cargo. Since the release of their debut EP 4 Shots! a year ago, when the single ‘Midnight Queen’ not only received major airplay on the UK’s biggest classic rock radio ...

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Collateral – 4 Shots

Visually I’m looking at pictures of a bunch of tattoo-infested, unkemptly long-haired, leather and tight-trousered sleaze rockers, the PR bumpf throws out names like Bon Jovi and Aerosmith as reference points but the CD that’s currently on replay tells me I’m being told porkies! Frankly, this band has more in common with The Eagles, but a more credible and contemporary ...

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