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Eat Defeat

Leeds-punks Eat Defeat latest release ‘I Think We’ll Be Okay’

Eat Defeat, the Leeds based 4 piece pop-punkers latest release I Think We’ll Be Okay is nothing if not an upbeat collection of well crafted, enjoyable tracks. It will never change anyone’s preconceptions of the genre, and true, none of them particularly memorable in the long run. This ordinarily would be cause for concern were it any one else, however where ...

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RAMzine 20 Wednesday 13

RAMzine 20 | Wednesday 13, Bloodstock, Godsized

RAMzine Issue 20 is out now featuring an interview with ‘The Duke of Spook’ Mr Wednesday 13, the massive Bloodstock Festival Review and our account of Godsized sneaking back for a quick show. In our RAMzine Classis’s Series, we delve back into ’71 Cooper album Love It To Death and we celebrate the now crowned Modern Classic How We Both Wondrously ...

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