Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Eric Gales wants his Crown

Blues rock guitarist Eric Gales will tour the UK in March and April 2022, following the release of a brand-new album in Crown that will be...

Eric Gales 2022 UK Tour!

In our ongoing reportage from the war zone, we can inform you that while the coronavirus continues to infringe on live performance activity, the...

Eric Gales Reschedules Tour

Musical chairs may well be adopted as a new all-encompassing genre for frustrated guitar players and bands out there as they deal with the...

Eric Gales Storming in for UK Tour

Eric Gales is coming to the UK. Who’s he some of you ask? Let these guys tell you… “This guy could be the best player...

Gales moves tour to 2021

Eric Gales has rescheduled his 2020 UK tour promoting recent album, The Bookends, to February 2021,but in the process has added two extra dates...

Everyday with Robert Jon & The Wreck

Robert Jon & The Wreck's rescheduled tour this coming September, looks to be a must-buy ticket - The band's concerts at The 100 Club in...

Robert Jon & The Wreck saddle up Troy Redfern as Guest on UK Tour

The pandemic struck again, when Robert Jon & The Wreck had to reschedule their May UK tour to later this year, in September. Fortunately, this...

Rock N Roll: A Tribute to Chuck Berry by Mike Zito & Friends

Name me a guitarist who didn’t think they’d conquered the world once they’d mastered a Chuck Berry lick. There must be one, possibly two. Somewhere. Rock...

Danny Bryant – Means of Escape

‘Tired of Trying’ opens this album with a bass heavy rhythm section thumping along and a tortured guitar squealing throughout, so much so you’d...

Mike Zito & Friends’ Chuck Berry Tribute

Following last year’s First Class Life, a collection of songs that detailed his journey from addiction to sobriety, guitarist Mike Zito continues to tap...