Saturday, July 13, 2024
Judas Priest

Judas Priest: The Invincible Shield Of Heavy Metal

The venue PRYZM, located in Kingston upon Thames, welcomed the iconic heavy metal band Judas Priest for an interactive Q&A session led by comedian...

SiM – Anime, Metal and Reggae

SiM, the Japanese Reggae punk band consisting of MAH on vocals, SHOW-HATE on guitars and keyboards with backing vocals, SIN on bass guitar with...
The Mars Volta

Get ready for an unforgettable night with The Mars Volta live in concert

Rising from the ashes of the universally beloved indie act At the Drive In, The Mars Volta have been one of the most important...
love bites

Discover the top 10 most important rock and metal bands right now

The rock, metal and hardcore scene is as popular as it has ever been in 2023 just see the sales for the biggest-ever Download...
RAMzine 31

RAMzine 31 | Of Mice & Men

RAMzine Issue 31 is out now featuring an interview with Aaron Pauly from Of Mice & Men, we discuss the band’s creative process on...
RAMzine Issue 30 Dee Snider

RAMzine 30: Dee Snider “We are all from the same freaking bloodline”

Mention the name Dee Snider and most would immediately think of Twisted Sister and his make-up, snarling visage belting out one of the rock...
RAMzine 29 Sumo Cyco

RAMzine 29 | Sumo Cyco, Skinny Knowledge, Six From the 90’s

Issue 29 of RAMzine is out now featuring our favourite punk, rock band from Canada, Sumo Cyco. The band tell us about their forthcoming...
RAMzine 28 | Kissing Candice, I Am Pariah

RAMzine 28 | Kissing Candice, I Am Pariah, Six From The 80’s

RAMzine issue 28 is out now featuring Kissing Candice who have been making a name for themselves for almost a decade now. Taking a...

Exclusive Premiere – I Am Pariah ‘Kill The Modern World’

RAMzine is thrilled to announce the premiere of I Am Pariah's official lyric video for 'Kill The Modern World'. Many are sure to relate...
Jordan Red

UK EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of Jordan Red track ‘Don’t Let The Heavens Fall’

Made up of London based band members Daniel Leigh (Vocals) and Dan Baker (Guitar), Jordan Red are a high energy rock band full of...