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Alex Marshall from Miss Vincent talks EP’s, Touring with FVK and their charity single!

We caught up with Alex Marshall, front man of South coast Punk rockers, Miss Vincent to discuss the upcoming tour with Fearless Vampire Killers in March, the new video for their EP and the new tracks in the pipeline.

Hi Alex!


Let’s jump straight in and talk about the video you’ve recently released for your track Disparate, Desperate’, who came up with the concept?

Lawrie (Pattison), our guitarist was talking about using a projector for a while because it’s kinda cool to be honest! It was an idea that we had for ages and relating it to the guy in the video who may or may not be posting letters to somebody.

Yeah, I thought the wax sealed letters going into the post box was a nice touch.

There’s a lot about lack of direction and chasing things that may never come into fruition, so that kind of thing tied in pretty well. It originally started with some guy looking sad in his room, and then we thought ‘Well, why is he sad?’ So we went back to the lyrics of the song to relate it all to that. It ended up gelling together quite well. I even made a movie for the projector just out of stuff in the public domain.

Like the harsh weather scenes?

Yeah, some nuclear explosion tests, horror films and bridges being blown to bits.

I guess a lot of the content symbolises isolation then?

Yeah, pretty much. I’m definitely a classic little Emo kid at heart and there’s a lot of that in it. Once we thought about it a little bit, the projector idea suddenly slotted perfectly into place with everything else. Then we just shot it. We shoot everything ourselves as my day job is based around that kind of thing too.

You guys also released a Christmas charity single didn’t you?

We weren’t going to do a Christmas single at all. We had a tour booked for the end of November and then it all fell to pieces. Literally, over night! We were really annoyed about it because it was shaping up to be amazing. So we thought, well we don’t want to do nothing between now and the end of the year and what we could do. So, we started throwing round some ideas of doing a cover. Just some content to put out and as people were always asking us about our influences, we thought we’d do a cover. Originally it was going to be an Alkaline Trio song. After a bit of thinking, we decided it’s not really interesting enough as it’s pretty obvious that they’re one of our influences anyway. So would probably sound like one of our songs if we covered them. Then it just popped into our heads, maybe we should do a Christmas song as its Christmas! We thought we’d chuck it out for Download and see if anybody wanted to give us any money and donate it all to the charity we chose (Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice).

That’s fantastic, how did you pick this particular charity?

The Phyllis Tuckwell hospice is about 10 minutes from me and they do some amazing work. Not just with terminally ill patients but also with the aftercare for their families. I know that by donating to them, the money is going to the right place. And that makes everything better!

Let’s talk about you upcoming tour ‘Bruises’ with Fearless Vampire Killers, are you excited?

Uh, YEAH! Really excited for that one! We’ve been touring a long time now, which is great because it’s the only way you’ll really get in people’s faces. I’m a believer that the internet is great as a supplementary thing you can be big on one day and the next day, not big any more. Where as if people have seen you, then they’re going to remember you. You make a proper, personal connection. Not just ‘tweeting’ at each other, you literally look them in the eye. So for us, touring with FVK is going to be great. They’re smashing it; they’re such a hardworking band which is something we massively look up to. Their work ethic is really faultless and we can’t wait! We’ve done DIY touring for so long, it’s nice to be able to jump on a tour and just promote the dates rather than managing the whole thing. It’s going to be great!

I’ve seen on your Facebook that you’re currently working on some new material and will be previewing some of the songs on the tour. Has the sound evolved or changed since your last EP?

Well, some of them are still up in the air so we won’t be playing those. We’ve got a few songs that are; I’d say are evolution not revolution. They’re absolute bangers if I must say so myself (He laughs). With our last EP we really started to find our sound. As cliché as that may be. We really started thinking that we were carving an identity for ourselves. Pretty much as an extension of that, we’re finding out more about ourselves. We may play one, two or three of the new songs but it really comes down to what people want to hear from us.

If you want to catch Miss Vincent on their tour with Fearless vampire Killers, please check out the dates below. It was an absolute please to catch up with Alex and we wish the guys the best of luck with their tour!

Miss Vincent & Fearless Vampire Killers

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