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Breaking Bands Festival – Sold Out!

Breaking Bands Festival is a brand new festival to add to your calendar. Well, for next year at least if you haven’t already got a ticket, as it is now officially sold out! The festival aims to bring the very best of the bands of the future into one place.

Breaking Bands Festival takes place in just a few weeks time on the bank holiday weekend of 22-24th May 2015 in Bromsgrove, just South of Birmingham.

The event showcases 3 days of music headlined by Voodoo Vegas on the Friday, Monument on the Saturday, and Breed 77 on the Sunday.

Taking notes from the past 20 years of attending festivals and events, the organisers have put a year of planning into the good, the bad and the ugly to come up with a festival they would pay to go to themselves. Rounding off each day, the organisers have specially selected bands of a higher level but still within reach of their fans. Bands that the future bands would like to level up to and bands that do not have the ego attached to them of being super rockstars. These additions will be special guests invited by the festival to not only play for the fans but for the bands too.

Find out more at:

Breaking Bands

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