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Conjurer only deal in vast quantities of six-stringed agony | Fuel Rock Bar, Cardiff

Not going to lie, seeing Conjurer headline smaller capped venues is rad as hell, but given the reputation they’ve snowballed over the course of 2018, we get the feeling that they may be selling themselves short here. Still, when the intensity is this raw and condensed it makes for one hell of a sight.

But first, black metal newcomers Black Pyre are as much Spinal Tapp as they are Mayhem. Though a little stiff on stage, they make it up with their bang on satire without breaking character throughout. Bit of an odd choice to open with, but we’re not complaining.

If you ever wondered what a barbed wire Frankenstein creation of Converge would sound like, They Live We Sleep do their very best to make that image a reality. Like being dragged across sandpaper facedown naked, this is harshest blackened hardcore to appear this side of the Severn in a long time. A totally unexpected surprise that South Wales more than deserves that should not be ignored at all costs.

@mathewkearney put together this banger for Life Made Filth – a collection of different pieces of footage from our last show. He did a fantastic job with it, and it took us all by suprise. You can download our EP – 'SELF HARM' via our bandcamp – or stream it from Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music#crustpunk #livemusic #hardcorepunk #grind #theylivewesleepband #southwales #punk #music #heavymusic #crust #music

Posted by They Live We Sleep on Thursday, 3 May 2018

Conjurer only deal in vast quantities of six-stringed agony that manifests itself into a eight-legged behemoth on stage. So much so, they cause the lights and sound to short circuit, leaving the venue in almost complete darkness. Any other crowd and there would have been hell to pay for – not in Cardiff. Making the most of this, the crowd help where they can by lighting the stage with their phones and growling along to an emergency cover of Mastodon’s ‘Blood And Thunder’. The band hold themselves together superbly, just in time for the power to make its grand re-entrance. Onwards and upwards, this does little more than to spur them on as their frustrations are poured into tonight’s set. Riff after punishing riff, their power on stage at this level is unmatched. The intimate atmosphere shines a light on the intricate carnage and will be remembered with nostalgia by fans. Mark our words, bigger things are only around the corner for them.

Hywel Davies
Hywel Davies
Full metal ginger. Based in Cardiff, love nothing more than feeling the pure adrenaline that metal music gives me. Been head banging since I was a childling, I've grown up with all manners of music from rock to orchestral. Simply put, I love music. Movies are great too.

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