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When you open up your inbox and there is a band called Daycare For Jedi sat waiting for you the intrigue in the name alone forced me to get this in my ears and I was more than pleasantly surprised. The Danish pop-punk outfit deliver a sound that would not feel out of place alongside the likes of ADTR or Neckdeep. This is their first full-length album following the much-hyped debut EP Worst Thing First which saw then breaking out of their hometown of Aarhus and out on tour around Denmark.

From the offset, This Is What You Get has a fast, melodic sounding album that is packed full of hooks, sing-along’s and I’m sure in the live environment the bounce to get feet surfing overheads. For me stand out tracks are ‘Loser’, ‘Moonshine’ and ‘A better Way’. This is defiantly an album made out of love for a scene that has a stranglehold on their life and as like the peers of the global scene there is no compromise or leaning towards any trends, it’s just flat out chunky pop-punk with thunderous choruses that make you wish you were outside with the sun melting you faces as the tunes smash your ears and the grove moves your body.

Daycare For Jedi This Is What You Get is released 1st March 2017 via Prime Collective.

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