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Deliberations From The Shire with Mike James – Doyle

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When you get passed the new album from a member of the legendary Misfits you know it’s gonna have a style and production to it that will stir the excitement even if it’s not a new Misfits recording (we can all dream can’t we). This new offering from Doyle lives up to expectations and in places exceeds them in abundance. This album was written and recorded in part at the same time as the previous album Abominator as they had written so much material that Doyle decided to chop the project in half.

It still has Doyle’s iconic guitar sound that has influenced so many acts over the years from Machine Head to Gojira & Metallica all drawing from it. Add a modern twist and it makes this album relevant, fresh and exciting not just to old fans but for the legions of new younger fans that are finding out about Doyle’s music and The Misfits.

The band he has put together have been put through their paces on this recording drawing from a multitude of styles to create a melting pot of old skool riffing be that with a punky feel through to the more modern metal sounds with a solid and pounding drum sound and the  horse vocals giving that deep south gravely tone that only a few people have managed to fully pull off.

Stand out tracks for me on ‘II As We Die’ are ‘Witchcraft’ which for me is all about the lyrical content about a devil woman and then sludgy guitar and bass working together also gives an upbeat feel to the song. Also, ‘We Belong Dead’ which has the catchiest of catchy choruses that are simple in its complexity and would be a great sing-a-along when play live I’d imagine.

Doyle II “As We Die” is out 2nd June 2017 via Monsterman Records.


RAMzine Single of The Week on Mike James Rock Show: CKY track Days Of Self Destruction’. Listen to the show below.

Mike James Rock Show
Mike James Rock Show
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