Emerging artists to check out while you’re stuck at home

artists to check out

The current pandemic has put the global creative economy at a stark standstill, making this a time of particular importance to actively support artists. A cornerstone of artist support is music discovery, something that the live performances we all miss dearly played a dominant role in catalyzing. With this process now having to exclusively exist in digital spaces for the foreseeable future, we wanted to create an avenue for music discovery outside the context of a streaming service (especially since algorithms tend to enforce our listening habits rather than introduce us to new sounds). While there are many emerging artists worthy of your time, attention, and listens, here are four we’re particularly excited about right now. 

RedHook are an Australian alt-metal band who only formed in 2018 and have already travelled the world, playing Download Festival along the way. Sometimes compared to Sumo Cyco, RedHook fuses their nu-metal influences with modern-day styles. Vocalist Emmy Mack often fuses metal, clean , rap, and punk vocals in their tracks. Also, check out the videos on YouTube, they’re wild. – Submitted by Neale McGeever 

London based pop punk artist Danny Wright plays relevant, relatable, and fun tunes. He is fast gaining a loyal fan base, as he stands up to talk about the important issue of mental health – His latest single ‘I HATE EVERYTHING’ is all about the trials and tribulations that we can sometimes put ourselves through in day to day life. Music with meaning is always the best and if pop punk if your thing, this will be right up your street! See our interview with Danny in Issue 26 of RAMzine here. – Submitted by Victoria Purcell

Sick Joy has long been creating a musical cocktail comprised of shots of rapture and rawness, complete with a grunge-pop mixer and a distinctive sense of heaviness as a garnish. The result is something that keeps listeners coming back for round after round, well up until last call. The Brighton based trio have delivered a number of consistently strong releases over the past few years, from singles ‘Heaven’ and ‘Dissolve Me’ to EPs Amateurs and Them Days. Sick Joy’s discography is the auditory form a thunderclap, so if that’s what you’ve been craving to get you through these dystopian days, then look no further. – Submitted by Lindsay Teske 

Palm Reader might be the UK underground’s best kept secret. The Nottingham post-hardcore band sit comfortably alongside bands like Converge and Daughters in sonic presence and heft, yet their melodic writing is just as strong. Their cover of RATM’s ‘Tire Me’ on recent split with Conjurer is a good jumping-off point, and it  showed their ability to carry a punk groove as well as anyone. Listen to latest album Braille if you want a full view of Palm Reader’s palette. – Submitted by Tom Green-Morgan


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