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Interview: Atreyu at Reading Festival

RAMzine caught up with Brandon Saller  (Drums/Vocals) and Porter McKnight (Bass) of Atreyu, prior to their performance at Reading Festival 2015. As RAMzine readers will know we caught up with the band in our June issue for an interview that looked in detail at the bands forth coming album ‘Long Live’. View June issue here.

Reading Festival was a great opportunity to have a quick catch up with the band prior to the release of the album which is out September 18th via Search and Destroy/Spinefarm. We talk about the evolution of the music industry, Brandon and Poter tell us the major differences hey have noticed at the end of their 6 year hiatus. “Social Media has become the forefront of the music industry” says Brandon Saller .

Watch the full interview here:

It’s been six years since Atreyu were on the scene and its a great time for them to come back. Read more about the new album, what they have been up to whilst away and how the decision to come back arose here.

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