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Interview: Fearless Vampire Killers

In the past few years Fearless Vampire Killers have gone from strength to strength: they have released two albums, their own novels, an exclusive social network and have just finished a European tour supporting Black Veil Brides and In This Moment.
About to embark on their UK headline tour, we caught up with vocalist and guitarist Kier Kemp to talk beer, Seal and of course -touring!
Are you excited to get back in the UK to tour?
SOOOOO EXCITED. It’s home after all and playing shows that people know who you are is pretty cool. I love the opportunity to play to new people but playing to converts is a whole different bag!
Do you have any favourite venues?
Yeah. I love King Tuts in Glasgow. Always a great night!
How was it playing with bands like In This Moment across Europe?
A totally new experience! It was a bit of a dream come true to be able to tour in places like that. Meet new people and make new friends. Starset were amazing too!
Did you get up to anything crazy?
Yeah…. this one night…. I had 2 whole beers! it was totally off the hook!
Do European crowds differ to British crowds?
Yes they do. They always seem a little more critical to me, in a good way though. They really pay attention to every aspect of what is going on and will have no reservations about commenting on them!
What can we expect from these shows?
We’re bringing our biggest production yet…. and in my mind one of our better setlists!
Will you be going back in to the studio again soon?
Yes early July. It’s top secret.
What bands have you been listening to on tour?
A lot of Seal to be honest…. “A kiss from a rose on a grey…. ohhhhhhhhhh”
You also curated a stage at Takedown earlier this year – how did you select these bands?
We just selected band that we thought were fucking cool. As a result… it was totally, 100% awesome!
Any more festivals coming up?
 YES!!! Download Festival second stage baby. Then a whole load of smaller ones like Y Not Fest, Shield Fest, Yardfest etc!
In the past you have played Whitby Goth Weekend, Do you feel it is still important to have festivals or weekend events celebrating the goth community and other sub-cultures?
Course it is! I think every sub culture should be celebrated. Everyone has their unique differences and if we can find people to connect with on any level that’s cool!
Is it fair to still classify bands as ‘goth’ or ‘punk’?
People will always give things labels. Is it fair? I’m not so sure… but it’s going to happen anyway!
Do you ever feel the goth look will go out?
I doubt it. It’s lasted this long hasn’t it? Also the Goth look was never “in” so it can’t go out! They’re a wonderful and creative minority.
Should their be more events similar?
If the audience demands it then yes of course!
Neale McGeever
Neale McGeever
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