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MetalDays organiser Boban Milunovic “Every customer is a guest of mine”

MetalDays is a festival located in Slovenia – and it’s Awesome! It’s not too big, it’s not too small. It’s a place where people come together from all over the world for a holiday, and to appreciate metal music. 

Victoria Interviews Boban

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Victoria caught up with MetalDays organiser Boban Milunovic to find out how it all began…

To give a bit of background, Boban first explained to us that the festival had started in 2004, he then came on board in 2007. Previous owners and partners moved a metal fest from Vienna to Tolmin and renamed it MetalCamp, and it slowly started to grow. Due to a misunderstanding, one of the previous owners has a copyright on the MetalCamp brand, so they renamed to MetalDays.

Located in Sotočje, Tolmin, Slovenia – the festival ground is stunning. Mountain views, and a paradise beach in-between the two mountain rivers called Tolminka and Soča. We wanted to find out how such a great location was originally found, Boban told us “We were not the first festival that happened here, a long time before the first MetalCamp, there was a reggae festival at the same site”. Which seems to have been called Soča Reggae Riversplash.

MetalDays – Tolmin, Slovenia
MetalDays Campsite

Boban tells us The idea here is not to only offer a normal festival. We offer a mixture of a holiday and a festival… we offer the people a rather small festival which lasts for one week or longer – where the location is not over crowded and people have enough space to breath… enough space to move around. Where there is a mixture of bands so that everybody can find something that they like”.

He continues; “60% of visitors come back every year, then the other 40% are newcomers. So we always want to improve on our idea, and make sure that the campsite ground is nicer, that the bands that are playing are more interesting for the audience that is coming.”

Skindred at MetalDays 2016

MetalDays respond really well to their customers. They have a huge Q & A section on the website, and you see them responding to everyone on social media. Boban tells us “Every customer is a guest of mine, and I like to give them the treatment they don’t perhaps get at other festivals. We really do respond to every complaint and criticism of the festival, and I will continue to do that every year. After MetalDays I take a whole month to read all the comments on social media, our forum, and the emails that come in. I reply to all of them. This year I took it one step further, I offered for guests to meet me every day at the Meet and Greet Tent. They can say what bothers them, or what they like and I will listen to them. I think that that’s the right treatment, as it’s more personal. As I said they are my guests and I would like to give them something that they don’t get at the other festivals.”

Next years festival line-up already includes some big names including Opeth, Doro, and Bloodbath!

MetalDays 2017


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