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SiM – Anime, Metal and Reggae

SiM, the Japanese Reggae punk band consisting of MAH on vocals, SHOW-HATE on guitars and keyboards with backing vocals, SIN on bass guitar with backing vocals, and GODRi on drums with backing vocals, made an appearance at Download Festival this year. It was during this performance that they treated fans to ‘The Rumbling’, a version of this track would later appear on their latest album named Playdead, which was released in September 2023. When RAMzine inquired about their sound at Download Festival, SiM likened themselves to “the modern version of The Clash.” During their Download set, they also showcased their track ‘TxHxC’ with an intro featuring ‘London Calling’ by The Clash. By listening to tracks such as ‘Baseball Bat’ from 2020, one can catch a glimpse into why they drew such a comparison. In essence, SiM defies categorisation as genre-blenders who draw inspiration from various sources and consistently deliver the unexpected.

SiM’s music has gained recognition through its inclusion in various anime series. For instance, ‘The Rumbling’ served as the opening theme song for Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2, while ‘Under The Tree’ was featured in Part 3. Additionally, their track ‘Red’ can be heard in Netflix’s Kengan Ashura.

Exciting news arrived when SiM announced the release of their album Playdead on September 27, 2023. This highly anticipated album consists of 13 tracks, including an orchestral version of ‘The Rumbling’ and the full rendition of ‘Under the Tree’.

‘Under The Tree’ showcases a fusion of powerful metal growls, heartfelt lyrics, and an engaging storyline, complemented by an unforgettable breakdown. ‘The Rumberling’ elevates the intensity with its commanding bass line and ferocious growls. Surprisingly, their most recent music video for ‘KiSS OF DEATH’, featuring glimpses of London’s backdrop, exudes reggae influences alongside hints of pop punk.

SiM is a band that refuses to be confined by genres; they effortlessly craft their own unique sound, drawing inspiration from whatever crosses their path. Their unpredictability sets them apart, providing an intriguing experience for those seeking something new and unconventional amidst the vast expanse of music.

SiM will tour the UK with Nothing More in February 2024, on the following dates:

15.02 – Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London
16.02 – Academy 2, Manchester
17.02 – SWX, Bristol
19.02 – Garage, Glasgow
20.02 – O2 Institute, Birmingham

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