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Interview with Cavalera Conspiracy at Download Festival

VP caught up with Igor Cavalera of Cavalera Conspiracy at Download Festival 2015. Cavalera Conspiracy have just been round the world on tour, Igor says “It’s nice to bring a live version to people, as it sounds very different from the record”. VP asks Igor what it is that drives him to want to make Death Metal music -he tells us that people never thought that paying such fast music would be possible.

Max and Igor will be creating a 4-track EP towards the end of this year, and will hopefully be back next year.

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY – Babylonian Pandemonium (Official Video)

Keep an eye out for our Download special in Issue 4 of RAMzine (out next month), which will feature full reviews of each day as well as many photographs. For now have a browse over out post-festival summery!

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