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Interview with Malnàtt

Earlier this year we reviewed the Italian black metal band, Malnàtt and their latest album ‘Principia Discordia’ (See review here). It was enjoyable to write about and certainly had an unconventional approach when it came to creating their Black Metal sound. Knowing this, I was looking forward to asking the band some questions. They came back with some intriguing answers… which are a bit funny, but I’m not sure if they are supposed to be. Perhaps its because of the language barriers, or perhaps this is just them. We spoke to Pôrz (Lead vocals) & Bigàt (Guitar).

RAMzine: How did the band form and could you give me a brief history of the band?

Porz: “Malnàtt formed in 1999 with the name of Kolon, a thrash metal band ,but early moved toward more folkish sounds and changed our name to Malnàtt. After that we changed the whole line up at least 15 times, until this formation that is the most evolved ever!”

RAMzine: To someone who hasn’t heard your music before, how would you best describe your sound?

Porz: “Malnàtt is beyond music and sounds its concepts, as you know. My ideas come from 2017, you’re not prepared yet to understand it, so I will not answer to this question.”

Bigàt: “Our sound is full of influences and we try to pass everything through our ears into it, from death metal, to black metal, from thrash metal to Viking metal, and everything ends with the word “metal”. We are a 360° open minded band.”

RAMzine: The big influences that can be seen in your music is poetry. Do you have any particular favourite poets? Who are malnattthey and what is it about their work that you admire?

Porz: “I really like dead poets. Because their poetry is free righted so I can use it as I want. I admire the fact that they are dead.”

RAMzine: Lyrically, what is the main message or focus you want people to pick up which might be lost in translation to people listening in the UK?

Porz: “This is a very hard question and if you have 5/6 hours of free time I will be glad to answer with a lot of details. However this is an interview, so I try to be short. Principia Discordia is about death (of love, of men, of dignity, of innocence). Its about how human beings run away from the ideas of death, building up illusions. I mean, You have to break your back all week and the prize for it is nice shopping, a walk at your nearest mall, buying useless stuff like TV, smartphones , etc…”

RAMzine: Is there any other influences either musically or world wide?

Bigàt: “Principia Discordia main influences are Enslaved, Satyricon, Primordial and Opeth… with a little bit of Khold and Darkthrone…”

Porz: “Principia Discordia main influences is Porz itself”.

RAMzine: Apart from there being a less folk inspired sound, how does the new album differ from your older material?

Bigàt: “Principia Discordia is more raw , bad, stinky , rotten than older albums. We tried to build up an album that has to be played live by 4 elements , more or less like it sounds in your earphones. And we did it! Every track of Principia Discordia can be played live with a great result.”

Porz: “I don’t want to play live, I want someone to play it live for me.”

RAMzine: Any upcoming tours or festivals? Are you planning a trip to the UK?

Porz: “We have planned several shows from now to June, a little Italian tour . But believe me, its not easy to plan a live show in the UK. It’s impossible , we are the worst organized band in the world, our bass guitar player is a rock’n roll bitch and plays with 7 bands at the same time, Bigàt now has a dog and he has to bring it to shit out, Lerd has to ask permission to his work bosses …”

Bigàt: “It will be nice to play some live show in UK, have you got some suggestions about possible places? We don’t ask too much, only some beer, and some groupies!”

RAMzine: Where have you toured in the past and what did you most enjoy from that tour?

Porz: “Live shows are the worst experience that a band can do. We should stay closed at home to meditate on death and the limitations of human thought.”Malnàtt cover hi res

RAMzine: Describe the album artwork to our readers and explain where the influences came about.

Porz: “The artwork was created by me. Unfortunately I work as an art director and graphic designer. The cover shows a sacrum, the area closest to asshole. Similarly where the black metal is the music genre closer to shit. Holy shit, of course. We hate all black metal bands and their idiotic ideologies. We are the black metal of black metal. We are the Champions of Unblack metal.”

Thanks Malnàtt \m/

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