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A New Hope – No Memes

A New Hope‘s band members are split between the quaint market towns of Hereford and Newbury. They have recently released their new video for ‘No Memes’, a track full of meaning about the feelings of the modern-day working grind. The track tackles a deeper story than simply meme’s, as the band put it;

“Despite the title, ‘No Memes’ has other meaning. It’s about the daily grind we all face in our lives. The bittersweet emotions that come along with working day in, day out and still at the end of it feeling like you haven’t come that far or can’t see yourself going anywhere. It’s about getting older and realising that you aren’t getting to spend as much time on the things you love and are tempered in that regard.

its a feeling of all the above and the fact that a lot of people don’t see the time and effort we put into making music and see it as an endeavour that should be given up when you get more responsibilities in life. Despite all that doom and gloom, it ends on a positive note citing our friends and peers that we get to share this experience with as the reason we keep doing what we do and keep going.”

A New Hope – January 2021

Watch ‘No Memes’ here on RAMzine:

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