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Over the Horizon with Adam Lanceley

The final chapter in Adam Lanceley’s journey of musical and personal discovery has arrived, after overcoming huge odds, and releasing a record 12 albums in 11 years, he is taking a well-earned break.

Lanceley’s final album is a ten-track project, that follows the journey he took through deep depression, a struggle to find the right combination of medication to make life bearable, being diagnosed with PTSD. Following several lockdowns and rediscovering a desire to face the day he hopes that now he’s ready and content enough to appreciate life without having to hide behind his music. This being said, he never gives up and so does not rule out returning to his music a sometime in the distant future.

These struggles were proceeded by a life changing event when he suffered a near-fatal crash as a child and was told he was unlikely to walk or talk. He then went on to run marathons, climb mountains, and release a massive catalogue of exciting music.

Engraved in his lyrics and voice is a feeling of how along this album journey his state of mind has gone from being unable to deal with issues, plummeted even lower down after the second album, to finally rising to a more hopeful place with ‘Over The Horizon’.

Some of the tunes of this album, were composed and inspired by topics relevant to the time of writing that Lanceley wanted to reflect on. This album is the final crescendo of a huge emotional and psychological battle. The design of the album cover is meant to signify new beginnings & hope for the future. Steeped in emotion and reflection Over The Horizon completes this personal story.

His album Welcome To the Next Century was well received with airplay spanning the UK, USA, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand. Then, after the success of his Sweeter Than Honey album along with appearances on Sky, Adam’s music began to resonate with audiences worldwide. 

This final album is inspired and dedicated to the same person as the previous three, a girl who changed his outlook on life. The first two albums had the dedications ‘For You x’ & ‘Thank You x’ in the artwork. Although he had no plans to include anymore of these kind of dedications, last year’s album had it in the title Sweeter than Honey. This time it’s in the release date.

Audiences can listen to Over The Horizon, on all streaming platforms and out now is new single ‘Since You’.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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