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Avantasia to play the Eurovision Song Contest!

Tobias Sammet, front man of Avantasia is a man of many talents, mystic, magic, rock and bombast meet with lush melodies and create spectacular, epic fireworks.
Eurovision Song contest fans will get a chance to nominate one of the most successful German international acts on February 25th for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm (German National TV ARD, 8.15pm CET, live from Cologne).
With Avantasia, the most exciting rock opera phenomenon of our times, characteristic mastermind Tobias Sammet creates fantastic parallel worlds with every new release. Avantasia will compete with their current single ‘Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose‘.
On getting the invitation to take part, Tobias Sammet says this:

“It seemed like a quite unusual idea to compete with anyone in art, to play music against someone. It’s still weird anyhow, to play music against each other like in the Olympic Games. Anyway, who am I to get in the way of a great promotional opportunity?! Three minutes to show millions that we exist?”

Don’t miss Avantasia at The Forum in London on March 8th. Tickets are available here.
Good luck Tobias!
Check out the lyric video for ‘Mystery of a Blood Red Rose’ here:

Natalie Conway
Natalie Conway
Absolute Rock demon hiding under the guise of respectable Mummy / PR. When I'm not playing air guitar whilst cleaning with my two toddlers, I tend to be working in Rock / Metal PR. I've recently discovered the love of interviewing and it's something I'm determined to get better at!

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