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Little Heartbreak Girl, Beth Hart

Grammy-nominated Beth Hart returns with a new single, the deeply personal ‘Little Heartbreak Girl’, that stands as a beacon of resilience and her boundless gratitude for unwavering support from her fans during recent challenges.

The release of ‘Little Heartbreak Girl’ follows a period of introspection and recovery for Hart. While facing personal mental health challenges, she has chosen to channel her experiences into her music, offering solace and strength to those who listen. Hart’s decision to share this song is a powerful reminder of music’s ability to heal and unite us, especially in the most difficult times.
“I’m so grateful for the unwavering support you’ve shown me during the challenging times I’ve faced over the last several months,” Beth said. “I really want to give something in return, which is why I decided to share ‘Little Heartbreak Girl’, a song I recorded in Nashville last year. It’s dedicated to everyone who stood by my side through it all, including all of you guys! Your love and understanding mean the world to me.”

Produced by Kevin Shirley, and available now on all streaming platforms, the song’s rich, emotive lyrics and Hart’s powerful vocals create an intimate musical experience that resonates with the spirit of perseverance and hope. You can also check out the lyric video here at RAMzine.

Beth Hart’s indomitable spirit shines through in ‘Little Heartbreak Girl’, a song that not only highlights her vocal prowess and songwriting skills but also her resilience and gratitude. As Hart continues to navigate her journey with grace and courage, ‘Little Heartbreak Girl’ is said to serve as a heartfelt gift to her fans — a token of appreciation for their constant support and understanding.

Last year, filmmaker Oliver Schwabe produced Bad Woman Blues, a film documentary on Beth Hart, that has proved insightful viewing.

Bad Woman Blues follows the incredible story of singer-songwriter Hart, celebrating the music and voice of a woman who enriches rock and blues with feeling, authenticity, and honesty, for whom there is no separation between art and life.

For Hart, one cannot exist without the other. Fearlessly honest, she uses music to harness her most difficult moments, taking back control and using it to create something that can be breathtaking and powerful.
The film takes viewers from her beginnings as a teenager playing clubs via a national T.V. show to busking on the streets of L.A. She talks about her experiences with alcohol, drugs, and her mental health and looks into her youth and early adulthood. These experiences pulsate through her mind and body and pierce into her music, with the intent of making each concert emotional, empowering, and unique – an almost spiritual experience – both for the audience and herself.
Her long-time manager, David Wolff, and guitar hero Slash talk about the exceptional artist, whose fan base has been growing steadily for over 30 years. Beth Hart’s extraordinary career shows it’s worth staying true to yourself, trusting your talent, and not following every trend. An artist who knows how to navigate a multitude of styles while expressing herself emotionally and stirringly in her exceptional songwriting.
Oliver Schwabe’s film pulls back the curtain and follows Hart on the tour bus, doing yoga on stage before the sound check and backstage shortly before her performances, from large halls to an intimate bar on the beach in Los Angeles. She reflects on how she works, her setbacks, playing by her own rules and her journey to this moment right now.

Bad Woman Blues was made for the German TV show Rockpalast and broadcast in November 2023, but it is now available to watch via Youtube.

Recognised as one of her generation’s most talented voices, Hart plays by her own rules. She has sold out multiple tours worldwide, including performances at historic venues such as Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, London’s Royal Albert Halland the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. She’s topped the Billboard Blues charts six times, gone double platinum and had a string of Top 10 charting albums across Europe.

Bad Woman Blues offers a never-before-seen insight into one of modern music’s most inspiring and empowering artists. Check it out.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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