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Billy Idol Reschedules UK Roadside Tour 2022

Due to health challenges over the last few months, Billy Idol has rescheduled his The Roadside UK Tour 2022 from June to October 2022. As The Go-Go’s are not able to join the tour the special guests will now be legendary US band Television.

“As many of you know, this year has dealt me some health challenges which are nearly, but not quite resolved,” said Idol. “While my recovery is almost complete, I have been given doctor’s orders to stay off the road until August – and so it is with great frustration that we must reschedule the UK Tour for October of this year. Thank you for everyone’s understanding and support. These shows will be worth the wait!”

Idol will come to the UK with new music and a stack of timeless classics. For his first appearances in the UK since 2018, Billy will play 6 Arena shows with the rescheduled dates listed below. As noted above, special guests on the tour will be Television, featuring original frontman Tom Verlaine

“Sadly, The Go-Go’s are no longer able to join us. I am thrilled to share that now opening all UK shows will be Television, one of my favourite bands from the original New York punk scene and an inspiration to me throughout my career,” said Idol. “I will be honoured to share the stage with them and hope everyone will come early to enjoy their set!”

Formed in New York’s East Village in 1973, Television’s influence was felt worldwide with a particularly major effect on British post-punk rock as well as American indie rock.

The global lockdown of 2020 gave Idol time to reflect and thoughts turned to his near-fatal motorcycle accident of 1990, how he dealt with it and how it related to the current crisis. “It seemed quite logical and natural to write something about my motorcycle accident,” he said. “I may have been saying, well, this is what people go through when they are in trouble. I think I was unconsciously making that connection.

“Certainly, the motorcycle accident was the catharsis, the wake-up moment. A little bit of me got left by the side of that road. Maybe I left behind the irreverent, youthful Billy and opened the door for a more attentive father and more sensitive musician. Something did get left by the roadside, but it was not necessarily a bad thing in the end.”

His reflections are captured in the lyrics of ‘Bitter Taste’, one of four tracks on his 2021 EP The Roadside, and was his first new music for seven years.

His touring band will feature his long-time guitarist and collaborator Steve Stevens along with Stephen McGrath (bass, backing vocals), Billy Morrison (guitar, backing vocals), Paul Trudeau (keyboards, backing vocals) and drummer Erik Eldenius.

Billy Idol’s The Roadside Tour 2022 dates are listed below and all existing tickets will be valid for the revised dates. They can also be purchased from here.

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