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Bloodstock Launches Deposit Scheme for 2015

Bloodstock will once again make its return this year. It will be held at Catton Park, Derbyshire on 6th – 9th August 2015. If you’ve not picked up your ticket yet, the very popular deposit scheme is now available to help you spread the burden of paying for your ticket.  Now you can secure your wristband for three payments of just £45!  Much more affordable than paying in one go.

Festival goers have a 2 month window (from 10am on the 6th January until midnight on the 7th March) to subscribe to the plan, with the initial payment being taken on the day of sign up. The deal breaks down as follows:

1st payment – £45 (plus £7 booking fee) required on the day of sign up.

2nd payment – £45 – debited from your account on 27th March.

3rd payment – £45 (+ postage) – debited from your account on 29th May.

Sign up at the following link and select the ‘Standard weekend with camping instalment plan’ to get yourself covered:

Please note that the deposit scheme is only available for regular weekend tickets with camping.



Cherry Welford
Cherry Welford
Tattoo junkie Cherry loves all things Rock N Roll, leopard print and pizza.

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