Sunday, April 14, 2024

Breed 77 return with ‘End Of The Line’

After a long hiatus, Breed 77 returns with ‘End Of The Line’. It’s time for a fusion fiesta of sound that only they can deliver.

Breed77 known for their unique blend of flamenco and metal, initially captured the spotlight in the early 2000s by honing their craft across live stages throughout the UK and Europe. They shared those stages with iconic bands such as Black Sabbath, Machine Head, The Melvins, and Korn. Following a whirlwind of international tours that brought them to audiences in Japan, Mexico, Australia, and the USA, along with five albums that garnered widespread critical praise, Breed77 took a break from the scene in 2015.

Now in 2024 Breed77 storms back onto the scene with their latest track ‘End of the Line’ – an unflinching and sardonic critique on today’s societal norms underscored by their signature fusion of tribal beats alongside rich Mediterranean melodies woven into explosive rock anthems. This song confronts themes like compassion, allegiance, and integrity—or rather how these foundational virtues seem to have eroded within our contemporary culture; paradoxically leaving those devoid of principles or compassion reigning supreme.

Yet this track isn’t steeped solely in despair; it carries an undercurrent of resistance—a fervent plea for awareness coupled with a call to arms. It asserts that ultimately we will rise from adversity; we’ll reconstruct what was lost… because it is imperative that we do so.

Catch Breed 77 live in 2024!

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