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They Came From The Hills… Cadaverous Condition

Austrian death metal veteran act Cadaverous Condition is back with new single They Came From The Hills’. The single serves as a fiery introduction to their upcoming album, Never Arrive, Never Return set for a 14th June release via The Circle Music on CD, LP, and digital formats.

Never Arrive, Never Return marks a return to Cadaverous Condition‘s ferocious death metal roots. The album is said to be a relentless assault on the senses, featuring epic tracks like the opener ‘They Came From The Hills’, alongside haunting half-ballad ‘All The Wrong Turns’ or ‘From The Other Side’.  Brutal eruptions and groove-laden songs like ‘The Plow’ are interwoven with the band’s signature cryptic lyrics, all delivered with crisp production.

The album’s artwork reflects this theme, depicting the ghosts (or inner demons?) we encounter on our path through life’s complexities. In a nod to the band’s past, the album closes with ‘To Be’, a newly recorded version of a song written in 1992, a massive old-school death-doom march that leads the listener to a place of desolate solitude.

Formed in Austria during the early 90s, Cadaverous Condition carved a unique path in extreme metal. While their vocals remained rooted in death metal, they experimented with diverse influences, covering artists like The Sisters Of Mercy and collaborating with acts like Nurse With Wound, Thighpaulsandra, Tobias Nathaniel (The Black Heart Procession) and Herr Lounge Corps.

The band also did an art project with Bill Drummond (The KLF) involving a specially made CD and sending a message in a bottle from the shores of Iceland. Despite these explorations, Cadaverous Condition never strayed from their core: extreme metal with a distinct and reflective style.

They return in 2024 with Never Arrive, Never Return that features the tracks: ‘They Came From The Hill’s, ‘The Plow’, ‘The Eternal Burial’, ‘All The Wrong Turns’, ‘A Blizzard Of Lies’, ‘From the Other Side’, ‘Hidden Things’, ‘The Darkness Is In My Bloodstream Now’, ‘A Thousand Midnights In The Silent War and ‘To Be’.

“With several albums to their credit and a brilliant career in the European death metal underground, they have nothing left to prove to anyone. They compose music for their enjoyment and this is evident in every song from their upcoming album ‘Never Arrive, Never Return’, which is the first to be released by The Circle Music. But we will have the opportunity to talk about this soon. For now, we welcome them and we are very happy to work together”, commented The Circle Music about the signing. 

You can check out videos to  They Came From The Hills’ here at RAMzine.

Never Arrive, Never Return can be ordered here and saved digitally here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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