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Cantervice… Blackout!

American concept-based electronic rock project Cantervice picks up the dystopian-themed story of previous release ‘Doomsday’ with the fierce new alt-metal single ‘Blackout’.
Fusing alt-metal, nu-metal, and metalcore into a highly addictive anthem for a rising generation, ‘Blackout’ takes up the storyline from the citizens’ point of view. With its provocative lyrics, heavy guitars, synths, and strong rhythms, alongside a vocal performance that oscillates between passionate and brutal the track is an ardent reminder that we shouldn’t blindly believe everything we see. 
“‘Blackout’ is a critical reminder to society that we are the key stakeholders, but only through unity and self-awareness can we deploy that power against those wanting to oppress us,” said Cantervice. “The highest figures of authority have secured their holdings by keeping the social fabric of society torn. We must adapt and become immune to the force-fed dichotomy coming through our screens to lift the veil that has blinded us from the truth. Failure to do so will lead to our demise as we continue to be a resource for financial and political gain.

The single is available to stream/purchase here and the video can be viewed here at RAMzine.

You can checkout the music video for the previous single, ‘Doomsday’ directed and edited by Toby Canning, here at RAMzine.

‘Doomsday‘ marked Cantervice‘s first official new release on the independent record label FiXT. The video depicts a dark and sinister atmosphere illustrating the overall arching theme of the single. 

Produced, mixed, and mastered by RIAA Gold and Billboard charting producer/engineer Cameron Mizell, best known for his work with Sleeping With Sirens, Memphis May Fire, I See Stars and The Word Alive, ‘Doomsday’ rises out of the chaotic depths of a futuristic dystopian society as an anthem for a new generation of freedom fighters and is an invitation for those who rebel against a system that enslaves. It features provocative lyrics, heavy guitars, synths, and strong rhythms.

‘Doomsday’ is a song aimed to break the complacency in a society that has been sedated by fear,” said Cantervice. “Many individuals are terrified when it comes to challenging the mould they’ve been forcefully reposed in. Doing the basic things that make us human, such as standing up for what is right can have severe consequences, consequences that inspire inaction, and selfishness in times where the action is critical. This song is aimed to inspire those who are struggling to let go of that fear, letting them know that they are not alone in their struggle and that inaction will only breed oppression.”

You can still order that single here.

Formed in January of 2021, and initially intended as a solo/side project for one Robert Matlock, issuing ‘Void’ previously with it quickly amassing 100,000 streams across all platforms and a growing fanbase demanding new music.

By summer 2021 Matlock had completely shifted gears and started doing a lot of development and experimentation for Cantervice. Realising he had no desire to go into such an ambitious project alone, he reached out to long-time friend Tim Walker, who joined in on drums. They released a new single ‘The Machine’ in December of 2021 and shortly thereafter recruited Kris Smith on guitar, and Eric Knighton who would round out the group on bass, they then signed to FiXT in early 2022. 

FiXT is proud to add Cantervice to our roster of genre-pioneering future-rock artists. Our reputation as an artist-friendly home with industry-recognized artists like Celldweller and The Anix, opened the door to working with Cantervice as they were already fans of the label and some of our roster. That led to a very synergistic convergence and we can’t wait to see where Cantervice will go in the next several years!”  said the label’s James Rhodes at the time.

To this end, they re-issued the two singles ‘Void‘ and ‘The Machine’ simultaneously, ahead of new original material and a multi-album deal.

Initially we were intent on never signing with a record label,” stated Cantervice. “With our experience and the experiences of our peers, we’ve developed a bit of a bad taste with them and wished to keep Cantervice independent indefinitely. FiXT offered us more than a simple record deal, but a partnership,” said the band, adding, “ This partnership would allow us to accelerate our output and help us spread our message further and faster than before, and without sacrificing our authenticity. This is only the beginning, and we are truly eager to find what the future holds for us and FiXT.”

Cantervice’s core concepts centre around a future dystopian world, plagued by a government that has assumed control over all technology and information. “We simply want to inspire curiosity in those who are open to questioning their reality,” comes the telling statement.

You can purchase/stream the previous singles here and here and check out videos for both here at RAMzine.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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