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Corax B.M’s Pagana

Greek black metal act Corax B.M has signed with The Circle Music for the release of their debut album Pagana. Scheduled for a 26th January 2024 release, the debut full-length will come in various physical and digital formats. 

Ahead of that the band has issued the single ‘Zophos’, that you can check out the video to here at RAMzine, and purchase by clicking here.

The band commented on the album: “We are thrilled and honoured about our new contract with The Circle Music for our full-length album Pagana. Communication is the most important issue for us and from the first minute of our discussions with the label, we felt that our new album will be in good hands.”

The band continued: “Pagana is our first full-length album after releasing our first EP Spread The Occult. It consists of seven songs recorded with two bass guitars (Vi bass guitar) and a four-string for even darker melodies and riffs. Most of the lyrics are in Greek to express our feelings better on the black canvas. This is a pagan black metal album with a lot of thrash and hardcore punk influences dressed up with dark melodies from the primal Greek and Scandinavian BM scene.”

The Circle Music label commented: “When we heard the first two songs (‘Mythos’ and ‘Zophos’) from their upcoming album, we immediately knew we had to work together. Their sound could best be characterised as a combination of black metal that owes a lot to the early Rotting Christ and Necromantia sound along with thrash metal influences that parade in many parts of their music. The Greek verse gives its own distinct moment.”

Pagana follows on from the release of the Spread The Occult EP that saw the light of day in May 2022 via Poland’s Pagan Records and featured The Magus (Necromantia, Yoth Iria etc.) on guest vocals on the song ‘Anilliagos’. Hailing from Athens, Greece, the band started as a side project by Kostas (Corax) Katoikos (Blossom Death, Anachrist, In Burial, ex-Sorrowful Angels) who collaborated with drummer Morker (Yiannis Chariskos) and vocalist Énnea (Marita Makaronidi) for her use of “whisper vocals”. Later, they were joined by bassist Peisithanatos (Thanos Nanopoulos) and  the project inevitably became a solid band.

Shortly after joining Pagan Records’ roster, the project started performing live. The first live appearance was in April of 2022 at Remedy live stage (Athens). Later in September 2022 they appeared during the opening day of Golden R Festival in Volos, in October 2022, then at Storming The Gates Festival in Athens and in February 2023 at Blackended Horizons and more shows are scheduled for 2023.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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