Download 2015 Commences

Having arrived fairly late in the day and pitched the tents, we trekked over to The Village to see what was on offer. We found that everyone was in the festival spirit; there were onesies and masks galore; people wandering about wondering where their companions went; people posing for pictures; people partying in the Doghouse; groups of people chilling out cross legged on the floor of a huge shisha tent; people screaming on the various fairground rides; I was even presented with some evidence of whipping and spanking by an enthusiastic Corey Taylor lookalike.
Download festival was in full swing and the bands hadn’t even begun to play!

Today the festival plays host to such greats as Five Finger Death Punch, Judas Priest, Dragonforce, and Slipknot!

downlaod fest download 2 download festival 1 download4



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