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Download Festival’s District X Lineup – DLXXI

The Download Festival, edition DLXXI, has revealed the impressive roster for District X, featuring an array of guest DJs, unplugged acts, clandestine performances by acoustic bands, engaging live podcasts, stand-up comedy routines, unparalleled entertainment spectacles and a plethora of additional attractions. This announcement highlights the festival’s diverse offerings beyond its renowned main-stage talent lineup.

Charlie Simpson Guest DJ Set

British pop-punk Icon and lead singer of Busted and Fightstar will be taking over the playlist to administer a healthy dose of bangers once he’s done tearing up the stage with Busted. 

Sullivan King

Sullivan King is the bridging point between EDM and heavy metal, You can expect catastrophic drops and a dash of metal. Highly recommended for those who know how to party. 

Bowling for Soup Acoustic Set

Once they’re done ripping up the main stage, Bowling for Soup will be picking up their acoustics for a more laid back set. Expect shenanigans at a reduced volume. 

End of the World Party

End Of The World Party is a unique playlist set where Downloaders can request all the songs they’d like to hear if it was their last day on Earth. 

Old Dirty Brasstards

Old Dirty Brasstards are a 10-piece brass section that combines amazing and unique original tracks and brass reinterpretations of indie classics. The chances of hearing a brass band version of ‘Mr Brightside’ is low but not zero. 

He She They x Monster Queen

A one of a kind collaboration that promises to bring a queer safe space full of industrial rave and drag performances throughout the night. Gender is secondary to free expression at Download and the amount of inclusive queer spaces here should be fully representative of that. Slay.

Oh my God! It’s the Church

The congregation will come together for a session of tongue in cheek worship and comedy. Their show will convert all non believers as they promise a hilarious set so Holy it’ll make you say hallelujah. 

Crowcast plus Those Damn Crows DJ set

After their set, Those Damn Crows will bring their podcast to District X. They’ll be talking about all sorts of things before doing a special DJ set. Perhaps they’ll play ‘Surfin Bird’ because crows are birds and that song is about birds. The logic is sound but it will still be a great set. 

Alex Baker’s Magic Power Hour

Kerrang Radio DJ, Alex Baker, will be taking over the playlist of the best rock ragers to ever hit Kerrang Radio. 

Emo Drag Karaoke

Emo and drag are closely connected as subcultures that reject societal norms, be it music, gender or beauty standards. They both reside in a realm of theatricality and creativity so there’s no way of knowing what will happen but it will definitely be extra. 

Andrew O’Neill’s History of Heavy Metal

Heavy metal historian, author and stand up comedian, Andrew O’Neills show promises to be an insightful and hilarious look at everyone’s favourite inherently silly genre. 

Number of the Beef

Number of the Beef will hit Download with a set of covers from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Every track in the San Andreas soundtrack is a certified classic so make sure you don’t pick the wrong house, fool. 

The John Mahon Show live

John Mahon is a DJ for Kerrang Radio and hosts his own YouTube show. Expect high quality banter and perhaps even some killer tunes to go with it. 

Slay Duggee

Slay Duggee is the perfect way for kids and adults to come together and enjoy metal. Experience a safe environment to let your kids mosh to metal renditions of kids show classics like ‘The Stick Song’


The classic iconic emo/2000s nostalgia club night is hitting Download. All the classic pop punk and emo bangers will be there as everyone is reminded that rawr means I love you in dinosaur. 

She They Press Play

A killer collection of iconic rock songs from women and minority genders across the world. The perfect collection of songs to support equality and rock out to. 

Besides all this you can get ready for club nights from Chop Suey, Black Parade, alt country club night Y’allternative and the rock themed bingo experience, Panic at the Bingo. There’s so much going on at District X, it’s impossible to see it all but you can easily have an amazing time. 


Don’t want to miss out on your workouts, or do you just want to join in with some rock-fuelled exercise? The Rockfit sessions will be the place for you!

Sappin’ Podcast with Alex Baker and Alyx Holcombe

The Sappenin’ Podcast is hosted by Sean Smith of The Blackout and journalist Morgan Richards who talk to various guests each week. At Download they will be live with special guests Alex Baker (Kerrang! Radio, Magic FM, Absolute Radio) and Alyx Holcombe (BBC Radio 1, Kerrang! Radio). Expect banter!

Lamestream Lydia
Lamestream Lydia
Self-proclaimed journalist, Progressive rock enthusiast and the most American sounding person you're ever likely to meet in the North of England

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