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Dymytry… Legends Never Die 

Chekhovian heavy metal band Dymytry consists of five angry men some have declared are on some kind of metal crusade to put the fear of God into the rest of the world. The musicians’ martial outfits and their scary masks assist in this assumption. They also feature ambitious, frequently socio-critical lyrics and that’s not going to change with their recently released new album, Five Angry Men, as emphasises in their new single ‘Legends Never Die’ that you can check out the video for here at RAMzine.

It follows the title track being released as single, and about which singer Alen Ljubić said: “The title Five Angry Men refers to our wild image, but also addresses the increasing destruction of our planet by mankind in a satirical way,” adding: “At the same time, we don’t take ourselves overly seriously, although you’d be forgiven for assuming otherwise, looking at our appearance. Dymytry has a wide range of different facets, which include both serious and tongue-in-cheek material. In addition, there’s always plenty of entertainment and partying going on at our shows.”

The band’s brand-new metal statements include ‘In Death We Trust’ about Robert Oppenheimer’s development of the atomic bomb and its destructive impact, the adrenaline-fuelled, highly motivational ‘Dead Living Dead’, as well as the anti-war number ‘1939’ that remembers the beginning of World War II and talks about the real worry that current developments could result in an uncontrollable escalation. The first single ‘Enemy List’, already released back in October, is about protection from online bullying. The fast-paced ‘Everything Is Black’ will be out as the second single and is sure to cause rampant circle pits at future live shows. Probably the most unusual number on this album is the title track ‘Five Angry Men’ with its experimental elements, eloquent rap vocals and harsh metal guitars, while ‘Wake Me Up (Before I Die)’ succeeds in wrapping its social criticism in an atmospheric party flair. Their latest offering is rounded off by the cover song ‘Legends Never Die’, featuring a contemporary metal guise courtesy of Dymytry.

When Dymytry released their album Revolt in English for the first time in autumn 2021, it received international recognition across Europe. Tours with Pantera, Lordi and Hämatom ensued, as well as a sold-out anniversary concert at Prague’s O2 Arena in November 2023 with 13,000 tickets sold. Now the five-piece has upped the ante and on the release of their latest English language album Five Angry Men, they will take on their first headlining tour outside the Czech Republic in January 2024.

Five Angry Men was produced by Kristian Kohle (Powerwolf, Hämatom, among others) at his Kohlekeller Studio, the artwork was designed by Steven Harrison, with Alen Ljubić contributing the booklet photos. The Dymytry frontman summarised the new album, referring to the record’s motto, he explained tongue-in-cheek: “Sometimes you need five ugly anti-heroes who don’t gloss over the ugly reality, but at least present it in good songs.”

Five Angry Men features the tracks: Enemy List’, ‘Everything Is Black’, ‘Wake Me Up (Before We Die)’, ‘Legends Never Die’ a cover, ‘Three Steps To Hell’, ‘In Death We Trust’, ‘Dead Living Dead’, ‘1939’, ‘The Revenant’, and ‘Five Angry Men’. It can be ordered here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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