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The Pattern of Rebirth with Earthside

Cinematic rock act Earthside has issued the official video for mesmerising new song, ‘Pattern of Rebirth’ featuring AJ Channer of Fire From The Gods on vocals – taken from their upcoming new album Let The Truth Speak, that will be released on 17th November via Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group. 

‘Pattern of Rebirth’ comes shortly after Earthside’s Jamie van Dyck announced he was being treated for testicular cancer. His operation went well, and he is currently in recovery ahead of their two European performances at Euroblast Festival and Progpower Europe.

Unlike the other songs from the album, for the first time in the band’s discography, Earthside gave free rein to one of their talented guest vocalists — Fire From The Gods’ poignant frontman AJ Channer — to compose all the melodies and write all the lyrics. Apart from the tiniest input from Earthside’s members in response to AJ’s initial draft, this is essentially Channer’s unadulterated creative response to hearing the band’s in-progress instrumental. What resulted was a cathartic and unexpected take, with Channer processing the grief of losing his dad and even singing from the vantage of his late father.

Talking about the track Channer said, “I am huge fan of prog bands and when this collab was presented I had to jump on it. I want to send mad love to Earthside for their genius and allowing me to express myself on this track. This one was for my Dad; a real OG and top shotta. One love.”

While the band originally felt that ‘Pattern Of Rebirth’ didn’t fit on this album in its instrumental form, once AJ had written and recorded his vocal part, the universality of the themes that he confronts in channelling his dad give a perspective beyond the group’s own that fits in the broader context of the human experience and seeking truth.

“In fully passing the mic to AJ, so to speak,” van Dyck said of the decision to reach out to Channer and let him compose all the songs’ vocal parts, “he’s a socially conscious soul who passionately takes a stand without taking a side. He’s a unifier, and he will call out BS or injustice no matter who’s in the wrong or who’s being wronged. And in addition to us loving the warmth and character of his voice in his work with Fire From The Gods, we felt conviction in inviting his message into our music and the greater message of this album.”

You can watch the video for ‘Pattern of Rebirth’ right here, pre-order Let The Truth Speak here, and read more about the album at RAMzine here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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