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Eradicator & The Paradox

Trash metal band Eradicator release their sixth album, The Paradox,  on 20th September, marking the band’s 20th anniversary, ahead of that the title tracks is released as their new single.

Lyrically, the first single from the sixth album by thrash metal band Eradicator describes the processes of industrial animal fattening and slaughter. The mechanically monotonous and deadly efficiency of a slaughterhouse inspired Henry Ford to produce his cars on assembly lines. The paradox here is that the godfather of the “assembly line” is animal slaughter. Although the processes of meat production are sufficiently documented, consumers can still ignore the largely cruel facts through selective perception. The text has no claim to moral authority, but rather a descriptive character. Everyone can and may draw their own conclusions from what is being sung about.

The single cover was penned by Bianca Rother and shows a grizzly skull with antelope antlers in front of an industrial skyline on a mountain of bones. The single, as well as the entire album, was mixed/mastered by Sebastian ‘Seeb’ Levermann (Orden Ogan, Asphyx, Brainstorm) and produced together with band member Seba Stöber.

To be issued via Metalville Records, the ten new songs deal lyrically with the contradictory nature of being human and are said to present many musical facets, not only of thrash metal. Sebastian ‘Seba’ Stöber (Guitar/vocals), Robert ‘Robb’ Wied (Guitar), Sebastian Zoppe (Bass) and Jan-Peter ‘Pitti’ Stöber (Drums), from the Sauerland region in Western Germany are not afraid to refine and develop their new compositions stylistically.

Regarding the new album, Seba Stöber said, “We don’t want to make a name for ourselves as moralizers, but rather reflect the issues and problems of our time. As artists, our task is also to stimulate a discourse!”

Like its predecessor, the album was mixed and mastered by Sebastian ‘Seeb’ Levermann (Orden Ogan, Asphyx, Brainstorm), and tracks featured are: ‘Beyond The Shadow‘s Void’, ‘Drown In Chaos’, ‘When The Shooting Begins’, ‘Kill Cloud’, ‘The Paradox’, ‘Hell Smiles Back’, ‘The Eleventh Hour (Ramble On)’, ‘Perpetual Sacrifice’, ‘Fake Dealer’ and ‘Debris Of Demise‘.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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