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More Acts Announced for Fortress Festival 2025

Following the success of this year’s Fortress Festival, next year’s event has been announced as to take place over the weekend of 31 May – 1 June 2025 at Scarborough Spa, with bands already being announced.

The first band to be revealed as appearing, was Agalloch, and the Fortress Festival will be their first in the UK since the band’s reformation, the last time they appeared live in the country being 2015, what’s more it will be the band’s only European show for 2025. 

Following a seven-year hiatus, Agalloch announced their return to live shows in 2023. Since their 1999 debut album, the band’s discography has defined what it means to combine influences from a variety of musical genres into one brooding, colossal, and cinematic sound that provides the soundtrack to existential themes concerning life, nature, loss, and death. One of the first to combine elements from black metal, neo-folk, progressive rock, post-rock, and ambient music, Agalloch has influenced countless of bands in black metal and beyond. 

Regarding their exclusive performance at Fortress Festival, Agalloch said: “We have not played England since 2015 and have no dates in Europe for 2024. This is why we are so excited to make our return to England at Fortress Festival 2025 in Scarborough. This will be an exclusive European show for 2025 and we will make it a special one! Thank you Fortress for inviting us and we look forward to meeting all of you in the near future!”

Gary Stephenson, Fortress Festival organiser and Reaper Agency UK founder, said: “There was only one option for a headline act at Fortress 2025. We are really excited to tell you that Agalloch will finally return to the UK after 10 long years to headline the 2025 edition of Fortress Festival. This will be a very special performance from the band and one that will be a full-year exclusive for Europe. Fortress is the new kid on the block so we are honoured that the band have chosen this event to make their long-awaited return.”

Stephenson said at the time: “Rest assured we have already been working on this line-up for many months and we are confident that the 2025 edition of Fortress will be mind-bendingly good for you all. We will try not to make you wait long until we release more band announcements… A new stronghold has arisen!” True to his word, more bands have been revealed.

Featuring iconic former Mayhem guitarist and Vltimas founder, Blasphemer, the festival will be the UK debut for Ruïm with an exclusive performance by the band.

Formed in early 2020, and driven by a firm desire to revisit the style of music Blasphemer has dedicated himself to and been associated with since the mid-90s. Joining Blasphemer is French-born drummer César Vesvre (Agressor, Thagirion). 

The project was inspired by the rediscovery of a long-lost tape of old, unused Mayhem-era riffs (post Wolf’s Lair Abyss), a new vision for an album immersed in Brazilian witchcraft and the left hand path of the Umbanda tradition, a practice in which Blasphemer himself was taught. The result was Black Royal Spiritism – I – O Sino Da Igreja, Ruïm’s debut studio album, presenting a glimpse of something new, unique, visionary and highly eclectic.

Unorthodox death metal band Ulcerate, all the way from the Auckland, New Zealand was revealed as the third exclusive band on Fortress Festival’s 2025 line-up. Formed in 2000, the band’s artistry is characterised by a whirlwind of scything art-metal guitars, thunderous, intricate drumming, and guttural vocal roars that create an overwhelming sense of impending doom. Alongside the Fortress Festival announcement is news of their seventh album, Cutting The Throat Of God.

Following a seven-year and ice-cold slumber, Canadian black metal band Forteresse will triumphantly return to the stage at Fortress Festival with a UK exclusive performance on the main stage. 

Revered for their “Québécois black metal” and spawning the black metal scene in their native homeland, Forteresse formed in 2006. They debuted with the Métal Noir Québécois album and have since released multiple records, most notably 2016’s Th​è​mes Pour La Ré​bellion.

Four other acts announced are The Great Old Ones, Spirit Possession, Perchata and Belore. The first two will perform UK exclusive shows, while it will be a UK debut and exclusive show for the two other bands.

Following news of Agalloch performing, early bird tickets began selling out quickly and Fortress Festival is now 60% sold out. Standard weekend tickets are now on sale here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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