Hypocrisy Re-release classic albums ‘Penetralia’ and ‘Osculum Obscenum’

Swedish Death Metal icons, Hypocrisy, will be re-releasing their first two albums: Penetralia and Osculum Obsenum.

Their debut, 1992’s Penetralia, was the only album they released as a five piece.  The follow up Osculum Obscenum , released 1993, had a much darker and more extreme sound.  With the success of their latest album End of Disclosure the band decided to re-release their classics as a limited 2CD box.

The track listing for the box set is as follows:

CD 1 – Penetralia

1 Impotent God
2 Suffering Souls
3 Nightmare
4 Jesus Fall
5 God Is A Lie
6 Left To Rot
7 Burn By The Cross
8 To Escape Is To Die
9 Take The Throne
10 Penetralia
Bonus tracks:
11 Left To Rot (live)
12 God Is A Lie (live

CD 2 – Osculum Obscenum

1 Pleasure of Molestation
2 Exclamation of a Necrofag
3 Osculum Obscenum
4 Necronomicon
5 Black Metal (Venom cover song)
6 Inferior Devoties
7 Infant Sacrifices
8 Attachment to the Ancestor
9 Althotas
Bonus tracks:
10 Pleasure Of Molestation (live)
11 Osculum Obscenum (live)
12 Necronomicon (live)

The 2cd set will be released on July 15th via Nuclear Blast records.


Neale McGeever
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