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Ian Anderson Boxed Set

8314 Boxed is a limited-edition deluxe boxset of Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson’s solo works, due from reissue specialist label Madfish on 23rd August.

The boxset will Include exclusive first-time vinyl releases of Divinities: Twelve Dances With GodThe Secret Language Of Birds (2LP), and Rupi’s Dance (2LP).

Walk Into LightDivinities: Twelve Dances with God and Homo Erraticus have all been remastered at half speed by Air Studio. The Roaming In The Gloaming LP offers previously unreleased live recordings from 1995-2007, there are what have been described as “beautiful side D etchings” on 3 of the 10 records in the collection, alongside a 96-page book with a foreword by Ian Anderson, extensive liner notes by Paul Sexton and exclusive pictures.

Anderson’s solo albums explore different sonic landscapes and instrumental line-ups, each record in this boxset stands as a testament to his versatility. From the electronic experimentation in Walk Into Light and the profound narratives of Homo Erraticus, to the acoustic serenity of The Secret Language Of Birds, these albums are a reflection of Anderson’s creativity and his ability to blend diverse musical styles into cohesive, captivating works.

Ian Anderson’s mind as a listener, that would mature into a lifetime of format-blurring creative ingenuity, was opened when he was a mere six-year-old. By then, already relocated with his family from his birthplace in Dunfermline to Edinburgh, he heard an old family 78 rpm disc of Glenn Miller and his Orchestra’s irresistible gem of 1939, ‘In The Mood’

“My father had a few treasured wartime records, mostly big-band stuff,” he told Prog magazine. “I remember having an epiphany, because ‘In The Mood’ introduces you to the elements of blues, effectively. That was my first moment of thinking: ‘Hmm, this music is something special.’”

Commenting on 8314 Boxed, Anderson said: “Since 1983, I have made a few solo albums, not as dissatisfaction with fellow musicians or the group identity but usually just to try something a bit different, whether sonically, stylistically or in terms of instrumental line-up. These records all stand out for me as being quite different from each other and in some ways demonstrate a broader depth of my songwriting. The flute instrumental ‘Divinities’ record is one of my favourites to this day”.

Below, you can also check out a video trailer for the boxset.

8314 Boxed can be ordered here

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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