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In This Moment return in ‘Godmode’

In This Moment have just released their fresh single titled ‘The Purge’ from their highly anticipated upcoming album titled Godmode. The album is scheduled to be available on October 27th, 2023 through BMG.

Watch the official music video for ‘The Purge’ below on RAMzine. The video is directed by Jensen Noen, who has previously worked with renowned artists such as Ice Nine Kills, Falling In Reverse, and Hollywood Undead.

Lead vocalist Maria Brink announced “We are thrilled to unveil ‘The Purge’ to everyone. I am so grateful for how everything flowed to bring this song to life, both sonically and visually.” Brink credits Kane Churko and Jensen Noen for helping create this immersive musical and cinematic experience alongside the band. According to her, the underlying message of the song “is to not fall too deeply into the rabbit hole, everything is about finding balance.” Brink reveals that she had been harbouring intense feelings within herself before finally being able to release them through this powerful track.

Guitarist Chris Howorth sheds light on the origins of ‘The Purge’, revealing that it was born during their time in lockdown due to the pandemic, stating “We all had our own personal experiences during the pandemic, and we all saw the social unrest unfolding daily tearing us apart, it was such a crazy time. Our band, like everything else, was stopped in its tracks. During the lockdown, I was sending Maria musical ideas I was working on, and this one really resonated with her. She even said, ‘This is gonna be our first single”. Fast forward a couple of years later, Howorth declares that all the built-up frustration and angst poured out through this impactful composition.

The Purge
Army Of Me
Sanctify Me
Everything Starts And Ends With YouDamaged (feat. Spencer Charnas)
Fate Bringer
I Would Die 
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