Sunday, June 23, 2024

Jessica Lynn Drops New Music Video: Get Ready for ‘Mixed Signals’

Jessica Lynn has just dropped the music video for her latest single, ‘Mixed Signals’, a departure from her usual Modern Country sound and instead embracing a lively rock and soul vibe. The track kicks off with an attention-grabbing guitar hook, accompanied by tasty keys and punchy drums, before Jessica’s deep sassy vocals enter the mix along with lively brass elements to create a rich musical tapestry. The lyrics cleverly use cocktail imagery to represent mixed signals in flirtation and intimacy.

The video takes inspiration from a cocktail bar theme, where the bartender is seen pouring exotic elixirs while Jessica enters alongside a dashing Mr. Darcy-like figure who begins playing “games” as she sings up a storm on stage in an eye-catching golden dress. Providing the perfect soundtrack to this scene are soul-style brass players dressed in Blues Brothers shades, white shirts, and bible black suits.

“I have always been heavily inspired by rock and soul music,” says Jessica, “so I’m really excited that this new single showcases that side of me.  It’s so inspiring to be able to incorporate more of my roots into my new music and dance between and across the lines of many different genres and styles.”

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